VPX Sports

VPX seems to throw some funky shit together in their formulation mixes and I was wondering if anyone has tried or has had success with any of their products. Feedback? thanks

Tried Paradeca about a year ago - it was shit, had 0 effect like all prohormones I had tried. Not to sound like a “plugger” but I actually had great success with Androsol - used it after pissing away money on Paradeca and fully expected Androsol to be shit - to my surprise it actually worked! From industry rumors/etc I’ve heard VPX juiced up the original Paradeca and since then it never worked - also, they don’t always meet label claims. Just look at their ads and the bullshit steroid like names/etc - you should get the picture.

Yeah i heard they do’t hit their label claims all the time…I tried clenbutrx one time and it was great…then the next bottle was horrible…I dunno someone said the oringinal was great…maybe thats what I had …I dunno…but their stuff and their ads seem so over the top…its hard to believe em

Thanks a lot for the replies…I never want to repeat a piss-poor-product experience like HMB. My only consolation was that I managed to avoid getting sucked into the MesoTech hype