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VPX Redline


What do you guys think about this product?
I am trying to decide on a fat loss supp to help me drop 2-4 %...I'm sitting at 247 and single digits right now.



hey man...i took one capsule of it, and it gave me a headache and stomach cramps. i am returning it ASAP....i've used VPX's Z-14 before, and it shredded me, but i felt sick on it.

either i react to something in it, or it's weird stuff...


Check out HOT-ROX in the products section of this site.


I have tried HOT-ROX and feel it's a good product, but was considering trying the redline.



Man, i've tried the RTD and that shit is like Rocket fuel. Are you going to take the caps or the liquid. Let us know if it works for you.


It's gotta shit ton of caffine. Here's a review.

Type it into google for review.


I thought Redline was worthless.


A friend of mine brought a sample of the liquid Redline back from an IHRSA conference/expo. I have a pretty high tolerance for stimulants, so I went ahead and drank the whole thing, which might have been about 4-6 oz. I was weighing about 225 at that point, figured I could handle it.

30 minutes later I could barely feel my face and had to consciously slow down my speech, which I guess could be good or bad depending on how you respond to stimulants. That probably didn't help your decision much at all, sorry. I just laughed when I saw your post and figured I'd relate my VPX Redline experience.


As state above the stuff is very strong but, in my opion, it does work.
If however caffine messes with you in anyway what so ever than this is not for you at all. I know you understand how much any drug can act diffrently in any person so you just have to do the old trial and earer with this one. Start with less than a full dose and see how you do most of the time I don't need a full dose and I am very resistent to most stimulants.


Mike, it sounds like it's designed to give the "buzz", the feel of a beta-adrenergic fat burner. This always makes me wonder if the product in question is not more appearance than substance.

Personally, if you want to try something other than HOT-ROX, I'd suggest T-2. This thyroid hormone is still available if you look around. It's a very potent metabolism booster, while being minimally supressive to endogenous thyroid hormone levels.

I've used it with great success combined with HOT-ROX (although I think Cy Willson advises against this). A certain UG has come out with a product called T-5 (each Ml. contains: 25 mcg. T-3; 75 mcg. T-2).



I have used the liquid version, and aside from the price, felt that it was a good product. I drink multiple cups of coffee each day and feel like my stimulant resistance is fairly high. Even so, I almost never took a full dose (using the spoon that comes with the liquid) yet got a hell of a boost from it. It really got me going, but sometimes also made me feel a bit ill as well. If it were not for the price, I would use it more often.


This stuff has made everyone that I know who has used it sick.

Why use something that makes you feel like shit?


I too have only known people to have bad experiences with it.


I have never used the product, but just in looking over their marketing materials, I am more than a touch skeptical at something claiming to "shred fat through the shivering response in the body." Seems more than a little iffy to me.