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VPX Redline

Anyone here tried redline by VPX? it seems a bit wierd to me that it makes u shiver and sweat at the same time.

anybody have any feedback?

i have a redline. its cool for doing tricks.

The only feedback that I’ve ever heard about this product says that it’s the worst tasting stuff on earth. Haven’t heard anything about its peformance.

I particularly like the testosterone lowering effect (Lin et al., 1999)!

Good thing cAMP is in there! It’ll survive the GI tract FORSURE!

ok the humour (if that’s what you call it) isn’t particularly welcome since i am asking a question on a board where i have respect for the members of yet i receive more childish responses than fact.

Dark Assassin, there was no dis to you. Rather, I was making fun of the supplement itself. I loathe the standard industry concept of throwing a bunch of shit together that sounds cool and exotic, yet the ingredients can actually have detrimental effects (like test inhibition in this supplement). I am currently writing an article describing one such supplement (and its copycat from another company) that may not only inhibit gains, it is likely UNHEALTHY!

sorry for blasting out like that yesterday
i was having one of those days hehe
yes thanks for reminding me of the point that supplement companies on the whole come out with alot of shit every other day and hype it up with little to no integrity on t heir behalf.
Very few supplement companies i trust now