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VPX Black Pearl


Anyone try this stuff? Any opinions?


Wow VPX is now making libido and sex enhancers.

As for your question, sorry i have not and can not offer any serious advice other than VPX is a decent company. They make crazy claims in their marketing and but their products are decent, not the best but not the worst either.


Haven't tried it, but I'll give you my thoughts based off the ingredients. . .

After checking out the RTD, it has one decent ingredient as far as enhancing libido; that being Eurycoma. But it doesn't list a mg dosage, so who knows - it could just be in there for the label appeal.

Aside from that, it doesn't look that promising - I thought arginine went out awhile ago as the "poor man's viagra"? :wink:

If you really want a product that will boost your libido, along with increasing Testosterone, check out Alpha Male.


I have not tried black pearl but have had good luck with VPX products so far. Biotest are of course the best though=*)


Eurycoma is an ingrediant responsible for increasing libido?
What mg should one be looking for?
And what products out there contain adequate doses of Eurycoma?


Check out RED KAT. The article also dives into the how and why of Eurycoma.


Also check out Alpha Male, which is a hybrid of TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M.