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VP Progress Log


Thought I'd bite the bullet and post in the best damn forum here!

I just turned 41 March 8, and have been lifting hard for two years solid. Long story short- lifted and was a competitive natural BBer in my early 20's, got married, stopped lifting, had 4 kids, got divorced from the bitch after 20 years, and hit the gym again.

I am 5'5", 175 lbs, hoping to get down to 165 (unless I've underestimated my BF%).

When I came back to the gym, I set a goal to compete again. I'm planning to enter a natural BB contest May 3, assuming, of course, I'm happy with my appearance. I have started this log to document my efforts and obtain the valuable knowledge of my fellow old timers.

Diet: Here's a typical day.

Meal 1: 7AM
4 whole eggs
Whole wheat toast
Blackberry jam

Meal 2: 9:30AM
Nonfat cottage cheese

Meal 3: 11:30AM
Brown rice (3/4 cup)
Chicken breast (4oz.)

Meal 4: 2:30PM
Salmon (4 oz.)

Meal 5: 5:30PM
Surge Recovery

Meal 6: 8PM
Lean ground beef (4 oz.)
Green pepper

This is my pre-contest diet, around 1800 calories on lifting days. Prior to this I ate very similarly, just more of it. My plans are to undertake the Velocity Diet in a few weeks, right up to the contest date.


I've been using CW's TBT for four weeks now. Before that it's been a 3-day split done M,T,Th,F (Chest & shoulders, Legs, Back). I haven't really decided if I like the TBT over splits, though I feel like I'm burning more fat following this protocol. We'll see as the contest approaches.


I have found I'm having trouble putting on lean muscle without piling on the fat. I posted here over a year ago and was down to 156 with abs, but skinny as hell. I topped out at 185 in January of this year but was not happy with my Dough Boy appearance. I was also NOT eating as clean as I indicated above- 3-4 cheats a week.

I bust my ASS in the gym. My strength levels have stagnated, but the intensity is still there. Bench has always been weak, but numbers right now: 260 bench, 425 dead, 375 ATG squat.

I realize now, 20 years too late, that the gains I could have made in my 20s are gone. Yes, I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 22, and bigger than when I competed then. I think maintaining or slightly improving is a realistic goal at our age, but I'm wondering if you guys have experienced a lot more than that and if I'm copping out on not making vast improvements.

I look forward to everyone's input, and thanks for reading my crap!


Let me be the first to say welcome. If you haven’t yet take a look at Old Navy’s thread (Fourth Year student: My Senior Year). If you going to get back into BB comp do your lifting numbers really mean that much? Good luck.


Thanks hel320! The only reason I posted numbers was to keep track of my strength as the diet continues. I’m already impressed with the Surge, as I’m down to 172 and I’ve retained nearly all the strength I had at 180.

I have seen Old Navy’s posts and am quite impressed. I plan to be in that kind of shape when I’m in my 60s, and his example is inspiring.

Did the following agonists tonight:

  1. Machine chest press 4X5
  2. Pulldowns 4X5
  3. Leg press 4X5
  4. Power cleans 4X5
  5. Nautilus bicep curls 4X5
  6. Nautilus tricep extension 4X5

I don’t normally use so many machines, but the gym was crowded as hell and I find it easier to do the exercise pairings with them.

Looking forward to Wednesday- 4X8 deads!