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VP Cheney Shoots Man


Well, my title is slightly misleading, but here it is:

another account:

What a f*cking loser. He broke most of the rules of hunting right there
1) positively indentify your target
2) never fire while turning
3) never fire back in the direction from which you have come

You can be convicted for such negligence, accidental though it is. Of course, he won't be.


Does this mean Dan Quayle is off the hook for dumbest VP ever?


(shaking head) Those freaking evil Bush people are (stands up) SHOOTING INNOCENT PEOPLE!

This has gone too far. I don't think impeachment is out of the question....

Oh..and where are all those wmd...Ahh..


Dead heat. They are both potatOE heads.


Par for the course...

A little too quick to pull the trigger.


Somebody needs to take the hunter safety course again.


I thought Cheney was supposed to be the evil puppet master and Bush was the stupid one. I must not have gotten the latest neo-lib talking point memo.


Curveball told him it was a deer.


Cheney hunts all the time - geez, even the slightest accident is generating partisan posturing. A lawsuit for negligence under these circumstances is a joke.

If Cheney rear ends a driver in front of him, is it because he is a neo-fascist neocon who advocates back-alley abortions with coat-hangers and starving poor, gay people?

And as far as Cheney being dumb - Cheney is many things, but dumb isn't one of them. However, when liberals talk about hunting - always entertaining.


Bush will be impeached if the dems do well this year. If Clinton did what Bush has done he would have been beheaded live on cnn.


Uh, I feel sorry for the guy who was shot.

Any of the supposed "we are for the people" liberals going to second that notion?

I know, the slogan is as hollow as your party.



Luckily the guy was fine, or the comments would be very different.

However, he personally shot a friend in the face. I think that qualifies as a little more than a minor slight accident.

Nice spin!

When I spill some milk in the kitchen, that is something that qualifies as "the slightest accident".

Okay, so now, remarking on the fact that the VP shot his buddy in the face is obviously a partisan ploy.


Why don't you go shoot a conservative friend of yours in the face and see how slight the issue is.



Someone please tell me what this incident has to do with politics???


More political insight from Canada. Wonderful.


Yes, lock him up immediately and throw away the key!

Why, he's the second coming of Aaron Burr............

Thank God the man is OK and that the Vice President is also fine. While Cheney obviously cannot shoot, at least he doesn't shoot is mouth off like the libs.........


More political insight from Texas. Wonderful.


People get peppered all the time shotgun hunting birds. It happens. Don't make it right, but it happens all the time, usually without catastrophic effects.

This time it just happened to involve some rich and powerful folks that people know about.


Our fearless leaders cant ride bicycles,eat pretzels or follow the basic rules of hunting.No wonder the rest of the globe thinks we are a joke.


He's a politician, and alot of people hate him.

Seriously though, if Clinton or Gore had done this alot of folks would be jumping on their shit too (not that Clinton would know what the business end of a weapon would look like).

Sounds like quite an unfortunate incident and Deano has some good points about hunting safety. I don't know what all the particulars in this incident are, but it makes me think about what Nugent says about weapon safety.

"There is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only negligent discharges"


Isn't the Prof from Texas? :wink: