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Not that there’s anything wrong with My T-Nation blog but is anyone else here using VOX, its still invite only (I have a few invites left for anyone who wont waste them)? Just curious.

Not to sound stupid but whats VOX ?

Vox is (in their words) “a brand new space to record your life, express your interests, and pull friends and family together” - its just a blog site but its the damn best looking one i’ve seen/used so far. You can check it out here www.vox.com. Its really easy to use, live.spaces takes ages, yahoo and myspace are fucking ugly and cyworld wont give me my free acorns (fuckers). I really like Vox 'cos its functional but also ‘looks pretty’.

To each his own I guess. Looks like Facebook, IMO. There’s just so many of these sites…