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Voting someone off t-mag

i’m with you on that one

Good on ya Joel. I’ll go along with that. The problem is though, I am paid to create controversy and if you kick me off, I won’t get a paycheck and Mrs. Roids will have to go back to hustling Roids at the local gym again. Therefore, I would like to suggest an alternative. Everybody contribute to the Save Avoids Roids fund so I can self publish my critically acclaimed work elsewhere and I will disappear. Long live Avoids Roids as the universal truth-sayer and, along with IB, natural natural, naturally.

you suck dude.

Joel, I vote you off!!!

At least Mrs Roids could stop hustling herself if she was selling roids.
I actually get a laugh at the little shit… he’s harmless, letting him stay on t-mag may keep him out of some bell tower with a high powered rifle.

The sad part is, about 80% of his posts are not accepted onto the board in the first place.

He’s like Jason B-----. Just don’t respond to him. The more you bring attention, the more he makes himself known.

I would like to vote off Natedogg

I don’t know about that NM. Did you see his pic on the web? He’s a cute little doggie.


ive never heard from him… oh well. is this survivor or something or that new boot camp show? haha

Can I vote myself off? My record isn’t too good either. I’ve had a couple of posts denied, but I only have a handful of actual posts published on the board.

Well that settles it. I guess the popular vote wins this election and I have graciously accepted your invitation to stay the route. Special thanx to Anne for her compassionate plea.

Naturalman, please vote me off! Please! Pretty please??? LOL!

I vote off Natural Man. To much Estrogen not enough TESTOSTERONE and definitly no “SWOLE”
Actually just kidding I though I had to take part. Everybody should get to say what they want. Other opinions are good even when they come from an ________ (fill in your own word)