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Voting for Obama?


Do you know anyone who voted against Obama last time who intends to vote for him this time?
I go to Real Clear Politics nearly every day and read opinions from both left and right,
then read the comments. There are lots of people expressing remorse for having supported
Obama last time, and quite a few who say they have no regrets but I have never seen a single comment by someone who voted against him and has been won over in the interim. Of course,
this is the type of comment that might not come up even if people did feel that way. Just curious. Any of you guys or girls vote against him last time but plan to vote for him this time?


I toy with the idea of voting for him if by some weird chance a nut like Ron Paul won the nomination. But most likely I would stay home for the first time in my life for any election at any level local, state or national.


I also toy with the idea of voting for him. Only because I think 'best is worst' and the sooner the USA gets off this leftwing, crybaby, socialist kick, the sooner the country will recover. That'd be better than him losing the election to a slender margin and then everyone fantasizing about 'what could have been"...



15 Trillion in debt more than the previous 3 Presidents COMBINED.

National health care.

Threatening to raise taxes on the very people who make the economy turn.

Obama may not be a socialist but he's the closest thing we've ever had in that direction.

Maybe you better hang around and get your feet wet before you start throwing those stones pal.


I seem to recall Ann Coulter suggesting in 08 that the Reps just let the Dems win so they could come back in
4 yrs and clean house (I'm paraphrasing from memory). She seemed to prefer Romney over Mc Cain or any of
the other Reps in the primaries. Trouble is, we now have 2 people on the Supreme Court that will be around for 20-30 years even if he loses in 2012 and all that money is never coming back. Just my thinking but, I don't claim to be an intellectual.


i took a college class last fall, and the teacher ran a poll on this. Three questions: did you vote for obama, will you vote for him again, if not will you vote at all?

from memory:
about 3/4 the class voted for him, none said they would vote for him again, about half said they simply were not going to vote at all.