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Voting for Change

Change is the big theme in this presidential election, and yet, I just don’t get the big deal.

Change is being promised by both parties. Change is promised every single election. Let’s face it, we never get it. If we did get change, what would they sell us next time?

You simply cannot get change from the same old parties. It’s still the same Democratic Party that controlled Congress for the last two years. It’s still the same Republican Party that controlled the executive branch for 8 years. How can we possibly get change from the same old political machines?

My thinking is, if you want change, you’re wasting your vote if you vote for the same political machines.

So I’m thinking this is the year for changing to the Libertarian Party. They can’t possibly win the presidency, but voting for a third party sends a damn good message that you want change.

If the Libertarians got as much as 10% of the vote, both the Republicans and Democrats would shit their pants. The networks would take notice, and maybe the Libertarians would grow into a viable third choice.

Plus, you can bet the Libertarians would legalize androgens.