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Voter Turnout


Obama 64,030,409
McCain 56,494,802

Bush 62,028,719
Kerry 59,028,550

Where is the record turnout people keep talking about?

Where is the mandate for Obama?

He won but let's not pretend it is more than it is.


I am fairly sure that the figures you quoted don't have all the votes in from states such as NC and others. I have seen a provisional number of around 148,000,000 not the 120,525,211 which if accurate would be a significant increase.

Edit: Here is the link. The map shows figures close to your totals and split, but only shows 48 states completed and DC. The provisional estimate on total votes is further down.


I could be wrong, but I do know that there is always some lagging votes and that is what made me think there may be a timing difference.


I will be interested in the final count. What I noticed from the numbers I posted was that basically three million voters swing the election one way or another.


Which in no way constitutes a landslide victory like many idiots claim it was. The electoral votes look bad but not the actual (popular) vote.


me too


Exactly. Many are sounding the death knell of the Republican Party, just as they did for the Democrats in 2004.

The reality is that America is pretty evenly split. A younger, dynamic Republican candidate, if such a person existed, may have won this election.


The figure quoted suggests a smaller turnout this election than last which is funny because the disparity of votes is significantly greater this election than last.

Republican apathy at its best.

The GOP shoulda supported RP.



A real conservative who believed in lower taxes, reduced spending, and a less invasive government would have won this election going away.



You describe Ron Paul.

A lot of modern Republicans couldn't reconcile with his foreign policy stance.



I am not sure. Will good policy change the mind of the 3 million or so swing voters?

Are they interested in TV commercials and charisma instead?


I think I heard that there are about 4 million absentee ballots not counted yet ( watching Lou Dobbs and I think Ed Rollins had incicated that but I may have not heard him correctly).


Bush to Mccain drop of 5-6 million. Kerry to Obama increase of 5 million. I would say swing voters are 5-6 million or 4.5-5% of the total votes cast, all things held equal. Again with these numbers (still interested in final totals).


Only roughly half of those voters are required. If McCain could have held on to ~ 3 million of them he may have won.


It's best to wait for the final count before making any judgements. But I wonder if there were more 3rd party voters from the previous election as well. Perhaps some that voted for Bush, but not for Obama.




Believe it or not I agree.


You describe Ron Paul.

A lot of modern Republicans couldn't reconcile with his foreign policy stance.


he had my vote with my eyes closed!!!!


Running as a true conservative has won every time it has been tried since 1980 - which was 1980, 1984, and 1994. Neocons ruled the 60's and 70's.

Instead of trying to hijack the left's platform, and sound like dem-lite (which describes both Bushes, and McCain) - having a real message of 3 points that is easy to understand, and easy to remember is all you really need.

Foreign policy means dick to the average guy, unless we are in a war.

The 3 million votes you are looking for are looking for something to vote FOR. I highly doubt that all 60 million people voting for the new baby jesus actually voted FOR him.


Ron Paul needs to change his views on monetary policy, and foregin policy. I would have voted for him enthusiastically if he had a different stance on those two issues.