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Voter Rights


Should welfare recipients be allowed to vote?


No, nor should any person who receives any income from the government; nor any person that works in any industry or business which is protected (favored) by the government.


Wrong question. The questions should be:

Should competent people be allowed to receive welfare?

Should incompetent people be allowed to vote?


How do you distinguish between the two? If you were actually serious about implementing this.


Beggars can't be choosers. Except for a very small percentage they wouldn't vote anyway. Well, I take that back. Obama did get elected.


Ah, that is the tricky question.


There have been many bright ideas to control the Democratic process , I have heard this one , I have heard only land owners vote . I have heard only people with a certain education level . I am sure there are many I have not heard either .

I think our process designed for all citizens of America to vote , nothing less


Sure. After all, who the heck is going to run on a "retract the vote from this or that group" platform?


It wouldn't work tho, maybe it would people are stupid. But it reminds me of this:




Yes, I think we addressed this one back in 1870 with that thing called the 15th amendment.

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."


And we all know how much you macho, gun toting, NRA members love your amendments.


do you realize that implementing this will require a shockingly high numbers of (non voting) public servants to manage all the files, track who can vote and who can't at any time and solve all the mistakes and frauds that would happen ?

another case of the "we need a bigger state to get our small state" syndrom

the smaller state is the simpler. by definition.


It wouldn't work for the same reason our current system is failing us. Because people are corrupt and lazy.

There are two ways around that, a benevolent dictator or a fight against government attaining too much power.

I support the latter.

If our government were somehow constrained by a wisely written constitution then it would not matter who the idiots voted for. Unfortunately most do not take the constitution seriously.


Yes they should be allowed to vote.
The question should be - should ppl who refuse to work and spend their welfare checks on meth and crack be allowed to be on welfare ?


So, you are associating welfare with a specific race? Talk about bigotry.


Why should we let people who cannot manage themselves, vote on how to manage the country.

And yes I am saying if you are on welfare you cannot manage yourself or your family, you are relying on others to do it.

That is as dumb as allowing politicians to vote on their pay raise


yourself, family, or business imo

a business that recieves a cent of tax breaks/write off or assistance, same rules.


which race would that be? i didnt get that from his post.


Of course you won't hear a specific race in this argument, but you will always hear the accusation of racism.