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Voted Best Casting for a Superhero


Christian Bale as Batman - 5872 - (31.4%)
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - 5867 - (31.4%)
Tobey Mcguire as Spiderman - 3094 - (16.6%)
Ron Perlman as Hellboy - 1367 - (7.3%)
Wesley Snipes as Blade - 852 - (4.6%)
Brandon Routh as Superman - 776 - (4.2%)
Adrian Greenier as Aquaman (in Entourage) - 322 - (1.7%)
Other - 257 - (1.4%) -
Eric Bana as Hulk - 119 - (0.6%)
Ben Affleck as Daredevil - 91 - (0.5%)
Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic - 72 - (0.4%)

T-Nation fav Tobey came in 3rd place.


Out of that list I think that I would have voted for Snipes. Unfortunately that is only because I think that he is the best of an average group.


I wonder where Christopher Reeves, Bill Bixby, Michael Keaton, Adam West, or Lou Ferrigno would have fallen???


Keaton was the shit in Batman. Where the fuck is he?


Sorry, I forgot to add it was "Best casting for a superhero in the past few years?"



I fully agree with the top two, but I would've placed Ron Pearlman an easy third, although the movie itself wasn't as good as both spidey's. He IS Hellboy.


The only actor I would vote for in this group would be Ron Pearlman. The top 2 on the list aren't even close to Ron. Plus Eric Bana didn't play the Hulk, he was Bruce Banner.


Ron Perlman was a slam dunk. It's the only one that when I heard, I went: "Perfect."

What about Mickey Rourke as Marv? That was spot-on casting there too.

Snipes was good, but what if Samuel L. Jackson played Blade? I'm talking about the old Blade with the weighted, wooden throwing knives, not updated "ninja" Blade. "I want these motherfuckin' vampires..."


I love Marv, but not all comics are "superhero" comics. Otherwise we would have to vote Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar for American Splendor.


I liked Bale as batman. Pearlman is by far the best casting choice. Snipes made a great Blade. I haven't seen Superman yet, but they picked the completely wrong guy. Even my mom said "That guy's kinda faggy." I hear Nick Cage is gonna be Ghost Rider, which is gonna make me cry. He is one of the worst actors of our time . I think from a physical standpoint everyone in X-men could've been played by someone else, save all the female choices.


What the fuck? Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...he's 6'3 ...Wolvie is 5'8 at BEST. He's as tall as Sabretooth.


Bale and Pearlman are my picks, Snipes gets honorable mention. Hugh Jackman didn't fit the bill physically, but his acting is so great that it didn't really bother me.


Never actually read a Blade comic but Snipes is great.

Honorable mention for Bana as Banner.

Perlman, Jackman and Bale were OK, the rest suck!!


IMOP I think Thomas Jane (aka Punisher) was a great cast for the part. Probably on of the best comic turned movied adaptions yet, but doen't get much credit. Besides him Bale and Routhe did a great job.


gay bar, is my best guess?


Snipes doesn't get SHIT from me, ever, for selling TotalGym.

Same for Chuck Norris. They should be fucking ashamed.


Snipes did TotalGym????

Saw the Chuck adverts but Snipes??


I've never seen Wesley Snipes on a Total Gym.

He was perfect as Blade...until they screwed up the franchise with that last piece of Crap.


I have seen Snipes doing a Total Gym commercial.


Depends who draws him, but he's supposed to be 5'3. The thing is, that barely works in the comic books, so I can't imagine it working in live action. I'd laugh at every fight scene.