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Vote or Die


Since we're 9 months past the election, I was just wondering if Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, or Diddy, came and killed anyone who didn't vote.

With all the pressure he was putting on people, I wonder how many peeps he's capped so far. Surely he's taken down a few people by now.


Well isn't that funny I see him walking up my street right now. Now he's looking at me through my window. Oh shit he's taking out a glujk,./


MadTV did the most hilarious sketch of TRL where Aries Spears came on as puffy, started shouting vote or die, giving out guns to the little girls haha.

God bless that show.


The South Park episode where they made fun of "p-diddy" was so funny, I was LMFAO.


I like it on "Punk'd" when they have a rapper on there and they punk him. It's funny how that "gangsta" persona gets dropped real fast when they are about to soil their drawers.


Speaking of drawers, does anyone else find the 09-05-05 Powerful Image a bit unappealing?


yeah, none of them are as cool as michael bolton.


Is it the white posing trunks blinding you amongst a dark sea of shadowed muscle?


if it's not a honey i dont notice.


Yes Misere, it is.

Something about loose white-tidies that bunch up in the guy's ass-crack...


I agree. I think we're supposed to look at the guy's maaaaaassive back, but he's got this male camel-toe thing going on that's quite disturbing.

(And there IS something wrong with that.)


And do we seriously need a ton of young, apathetic, uninformed people vote "just because". Most young people, including my friends, know very(and care even less) little about party lines and affiliations.

Instead of "vote or die" it should be "learn or die". I don't need people voting against kerry or bush because their friends said so. Thats a worst-case-scenario in my opinion.


That guy is a joke! He didn't raise the youth vote even a fraction of 1%.

He should hide his face.


And he STILL has more money than you!


But he'll be quickly forgotten. :slight_smile: As a musician, I've always had this belief that if you are in any way popular among any sort of masses, you're a fad and nothing more unless you will be remembered long after you die. Of course there are exceptions... most classic rock, for example, god what an era, but besides that, not much else.


Puff diddle P daddy poopy pants was a fraud and full of shit.

He didn't want people to just vote, he wanted them to vote for his candidate. He admitted so much in his tirade after the election.

That is the fraud of the get out the vote campaign. Mostly it is a get out the liberal vote campaign. The focus is always on the young and easily fooled, and how often do they tell people to learn the issues before voting?

Maybe next time I vote I will bring a coin, and flip it before each vote just to annoy everyone.


How do you come up with that logic? I was a fan of Ray Charles before he died. He also had his time in the spotlight over the years with even more notariety from a younger audience when his movie came out. He will be remembered for quite a while. I personally don't put Sean Combs anywhere near the art that Ray Charles created, but even I notice talent that is greater than most. The man has been on the scene for nearly 20 years. I don't think "fads" last quite that long without reinvention. The average artist's career is, what, 5 years? Why not give credit where credit is due? That must hurt, huh?

I do wonder why so many seem to have this innate need to degrade that style of music. We have heard it on the Kanye West thread. "I have never heard of him and he is a crackhead" were some of the posts thrown out. Meanwhile, the man is on the cover of Time magazine and is being noted as changing the face of an entire genre of music. Could it be that some of you simply don't get it?...Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Why am I not surprised that someone like you judges people on how much money they make. You are truly pathetic!


I don't judge people on how much money they make. I also don't judge someone's success in life by how many turned out to vote due to one "vote or die" campaign. The man is successful, far more than you will ever hope to be. You wrote that he should hide his face. Why? Between his clothing company, his record producing company, his affinity for making movie soundtracks and his overall fame, why the hell should he hide his head because more people didn't turn out to vote?

Perhaps instead of hiding his head, he should simply hold it higher?


This is a funny statement especially in lieu of the fact that in the next several lines you judge him by how much money he makes. This is about the way most of your posts go. Void of logic full of bluster.

First of all you have no idea how much I am worth or what I even do for a living, my investments etc. You simply make assumptions based on.....nothing. At least you are sticking to form as that's what you usually do.

Secondly, you are indeed judging someone by how much they are worth. I noticed that you wrote "successful." Not "financially successful." If someone makes a billion dollars robbing banks, for example, are they indeed sucessful in your eyes (note to idiots, not calling Puff Daddy a bank robber)? Apparently the answer is yes! Success comes in many forms. Financial is certainly one. However, there are far more important ways to succeed. Giving to the poor; Contributing to low income housing efforts (ala Jimmy Carter); Raising a children who contribute to society in a positive way. Get it yet?

Yes, once again you judge solely on how much someone is worth and also, in this case, how much fame they have. How shallow of you, how predictable! Again you are pathetic if you think that the measure of a man is how much he has in the bank!

Because his "vote or die" was a joke. It was a foolish slogan which did not raise the voter turnout in the age group targeted by one iota! Do you get it yet?

Yes...everytime someone makes an ass of himself he should hold his head higher.

Please write back soon and make sure you hold your head up!