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Vote or Die, Bitch!!!

According to Fox News, only 17% of the much balleyhooed youth vote actually made it to the polls. What gives?

Cartman disenfranchised too many of the youth vote.

If you look real hard, I am sure you will find some votes by 8 year olds.

typical of my generation. bunch of hubbub, lost of huffing and posturing, but no balls. most talk a big game, but not many are willing to do anything about anything…


Just as I stated to RSU several weeks ago: They always tout the MTV youth vote and every single time it lets them down. I had no reason to believe that this year would be any different.

Not to slight that age group, but they are just not as focused on political and world events as older Americans. Thier lives are in more turmoil, jobs, relationships etc., hence more focus on themselves. At least that’s my theory.

Actually not to defend them too much but Alas I am in the age group as well. But, the 17% is actually quite a few more youngsters it’s just that the total number of voters in general is at an all time high. So more of them did come out, just so did everyone else. :wink:

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

You know what’s really good? Exit poll data showed the youth voters, the 18-29 year olds who did vote, split 50/50 between Bush and Kerry.

Apparently not all the Boss’ fans subscribe to his political admonitions or give a whit that their sociology professor is going apoplectic from the outcome of the election.

EDIT: CNN’s exit polls show the 18-29 agegroup voting 45% Bush, 54% Kerry, which is definitely pro Kerry, but not dominatingly so (think the 88% of the Black vote Kerry got, or the 67% military approval Bush got).

Paris Hilton, Ludicris & 50 Cents touted the shirts “Vote or Die” but NONE of them voted. Of course, 50 Cents and Ludicris are convicted felons, so they couldn’t vote anyway. Wonder who picked them for endorsments? Smart, real smart…

To quote this week’s Onion:

“Poll: Youth Totally Meant To Vote In Record Numbers”