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Vote for Experiments vs. Experience


Reading the latest mail.


It reads

Thanks for the feedback, J. However, we?ve gotten very few responses (negative or positive) about our audio series. Keep in mind that if you guys like a feature, you have to let us know. Otherwise, it gets dumped into the vortex of the toilet.

Well, I love it. Let show the love.


(Chuckling) Good for you, sugarfree! With only 45 posts to your name, you've got this place figured out.

Your comments, thoughts and opinions count!!!

I'll add my vote to yours.

Hey, T-People, who out there has listened to Experiments vs. Experience and gotten something helpful/worthwhile out of it?


yeah its pretty cool

nice sense of humor also


always great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a lot of info. laters pk


I am from Florida.....so I vote for twice.


I've listened to the squat discussion and the protein powder v. meat discussion. They've helped me out!


imho very informative.. definitly keep it around it rocks!


Been there, done that, waiting for more... :wink:


Yeah, I was listening to ones they have over at netrition,and they were pretty good. Bring em' back!


Big fan, most valuable for me was the protein supplemements vs. meat


Count my vote.


Can never get too much info, keep them coming!


Thanks everybody! Your support totally rocks. The truth is, despite many personal emails, I too have seen little action on the Forum over E vs. E.

With enough support I was hoping to expand it eventually into a reader call-in kind of thing.

Would anyone be up for that?
It can easily be done via an initial email and subsequent recorded call.

Then you'd get to hear yourselves during the show!
It'd be a great second step into true interactive programming for the T-Nation. (...the first being this Forum, of course)

This all seems like a natural extension to the majorly enhanced new Testosterone-soaked online world that is indeed rising!

...But interest (ratings) drive such things and the only way to seriously consider/ develop all this multimedia is if T-citizens show sufficient vigor in regularly posting support for Experiments vs. Experience....

Thanks Again,


Hey Guys,

I love the E vs. E series and I vote to keep them coming!


Definetely a cool segment and it's something no print mag can offer.

I typically listen to it at a different time than I read the articles but nonetheless I love it!

It is always cool when T-mag interviews/prints something from T-forumites, which I think could be very nicely extended to reader call-ins.


you get my vote for a new one.


E vs. E is great. Got my vote.

  Get Ir Done


Add my vote as well


im down


OK, I'm not voting again... Nor is this a random bump.

But not only do I want more EvE (which is great), I want more audio in general.

I have a desk job that allows headphones and sometimes it is not the most challenging of work. I've listened to each audio clip a great amount more than I have had the time to read articles. I feel I cannot be alone in this area. Bring on the audio.