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VOS Supplemental Exercises

I’m planning on starting your VOS program this week to boost my bench, but I had a question on supplemental exercises. I think you said in an earlier thread (I couldn’t find it) that you can alternate upper and lower body supplemental exercises, one day of each, to keep from losing mass/strength in the area you aren’t targetting with VOS. But squats would be a bad idea as a supplementary exercise right? If that’s the case, what would be two good quad/hamstring movements to do? And also, is it alright to toss in a coupla sets of ab exercises (maybe Coach Davies’ chinees) at the end of each workout? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

Traditional barbell Squats are definitely a bad supplemental exercise - they are way too demanding if you are trying to improve your bench on this program. Any leg curl variation for hamstrings, and any 1 legged exercise such as step ups, split squats are good for quads. Yes, you can do any ab exercise you want since none of them are too demanding.