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VOS Results For Bench


I stuck to the program 100% except I made it a 7 day cycle instead of 6 (trained mon , wed , fri and had weekend off)

I was also doing sparring 2x per week so which may have had an effect on total CNS fatigue
The most interesting part about the program I found was that it felt too easy! With the highest percentage being 90% 1RM

Unfortunately with only 2 workouts to go I got hit with a right hand during sparing and put my neck and thoracic spine out but I still stuck to it and got the prescribed reps and sets out

I waited longer than the suggested 5 days that CW before retesting due to the injury (it was over the xmas break so I could see my chiro until 8 days after the last workout)

So I took 2 workouts to get back and retest my 1 RM (again not as per program suggestion due to the injury)

I still held back a little on the 1RM test but was very surprised that I had put on an easy 10lbs on my bench and in fact I think if I had no injury and pushed it hard on my 1RM I would have got 20lbs out of it

All in all I was very happy with the results and will try this again soon


forgot to add that i did almost no assistance work for the bench during this program
Next time i do it i will add tricep and shoulder work (raw bench) which i think will allow for even better results


To be honest, the Volumes of Strength program did virtually nothing for me. Did it for my bench, just as written, recovery factors were pretty good, yet noticed minimal improvement on the lift. Having said that, Chad was helpful by email at the time, and his Waterbury Method program, which I finished a few weeks ago, was phenomenal.


can you give me an example of the gains you made?


OK, well, I've been lifting seriously for over five years, and tend to gain strength relatively slowly, so, in my six weeks of the Waterbury Method:

(all numbers on working weights in program, not maxes), dips went up 10 kg., bench up 5 kg., leg press (done due to ankle problems) up 50 kg., deadlift up 35 kg., chins up a little under 5 kg.

Some of the leg increases may have been due to getting more comfortable with the lifts, which I hadn't done a ton previously, but to my mind the gains were still pretty common.