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VOS For Strength Gains?


My goal is to improve my raw bench and I am going to do Westside style for the next 8 weeks then thought I would try Waterburys VOS (volume of strength) workout. Has anybody tried the program , if so can you give feedback on results?


I did it for squats and made fantastic improvements (20lbs. after years of lifting). It only lasts a month so you cannot lose to try it and see.

Make sure to keep an eye on your joints though, I'd do a lot of stretching as well. When I did it for squats it put a beating on my hip flexors that only went away after a lot of massage and stretching. The next time I do it I will start stretching first day.



thanks for the feedback.did you keep the gains? if so what program did you do after VOS to keep the gains?


I did keep the gains. After I did a more traditional hypertrophy program... well traditional for me. I like lift with higher weights and less reps per set, but more sets than most.

Any program written by the contributors here that has some higher loads will keep you improving. Actually since you're interested in Westside, doing VOS first will kick start your gains and it will help you reveal your weaknesses. I'd do it then take a couple of weeks of less load, then do Westside with the new strength and knowledge about your weaknesses.

Good luck.


thanks.I might try VOS then westside. do you suggest i take a week off or reduce training volume before VOS, or just go straight into it?im currently doing 2 bench workouts a week around 5x 5 for each


Hey Rob, if you're still getting updates, first I've been away for some time now and didn't get a chance to read your last post, sorry.

You could take a week off, or at least use some lighter weights for a week or even two. You know, do some unloading to give the CNS a break. Really it depends most on how you feel. If you are leaving the gym charged rather than depleted, then go for it. If you're drained after a workout I'd unload for a week, and two if your really beat up.



Hi Rolo.
I took it easy last week for a bit of a rest and to help recgharge CNS, i have decided to start the progam as of this week. (did 2nd workout today). if your interested i will keep post my results


Please do, it worked for me doing squats and I'd like to see how it goes for your bench. A routine that moves up one doesn't always move up the other.

Good luck,