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VOS cardio

My plan is to start VOS for the squat when I’m done with my current program, and after that do meltdown training. However, after a meltdown-like training session a few days ago, I realize I will definately need to improve my cardiovascular condition before I start meltdown training. Any ideas on how to get cardio in when you’re squatting every other day?

That’s the beauty of this method, it’s such high volume that you don’t need cardio! Well, if you insist on doing some cardio, perform it on your off days for no more than 15 minutes at a moderate intensity. Good Luck with the VOS - it works great!

Thanks for the input, Chad. IF I do decide to do cardio, what type of cardio would you suggest that wouldn’t interfere with squatting/tax the legs too much? I’ve always done treadmill running before, but it seems like this would be a bad idea under the circumstances. I don’t have access to a punching bag - maybe shadow boxing? Again, the sole purpose of the cardio is to prepare myself for Meltdown Training.

If you enjoy shadow-boxing, then by all means, use it. Depending on my client’s conditioning levels, I frequently use the good ol’ jump rope. You can’t beat it! That doesn’t mean you have to jump rope for 15 minutes straight, instead, perform 3 min/rest 1 min/3 min/rest 1 min, or something similar. Again, I don’t know your conditioning levels so I can’t prescribe an exact routine. But overall, I would ditch the cardio for the VOS phase. Your choice.