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Voodoo Bands/MobilityWOD

CT, in your opinion, how often do you think one should use these?

The ability to have mobility/full ROM seems desirable, but If we’re always breaking up the intramuscular “junk”, aren’t we preventing the body from adapting to a movement?

When I was focusing on my olympic lifts I used the voodoo band before and after every session on my elbows. I actually should do the same now since they are a fragile spot for me.

I tried it as a first-time experiment near my shoulders and elbows at least 24 hours before chest pressing day (had no pain, was just a little stiff and wanted to see if everything would be loose and ready to go by the next day), but instead I felt a little discomfort/slightly weaker during the actual chest workout.

I was trying to figure out if maybe I weakened a link in the overall chain by flossing those supporting areas, but I guess if you think before and after usage is not bad, then cool! With the dynamic/static stretching rules, I didn’t know where the flossing stood.

From personal experience whenever I go heavy on the foam roll or even get deep-tissue treatments, the following session won’t be spectacular. Most probably because your body needs to adapt to everything being so “loose”. Might be the same effect with those bands.

I never tried those bands though so I can’t be sure, just my gut feeling.

The deep tissue person I see always mentions it should take a few days before performance comes back.

My voodoo bands arrive tomorrow, but over the weekend I used KStar’s “shoulder fix” from episode 315 where you lay on the ground doing internal rotations while a partner steps on your shoulder joint (or laying the end of a barbell on it). INCREDIBLE difference after just a few minutes of that, and it’s been better for several days.

I had a best-in-years pressing session (layers) right after that, so in my case it was a performance enhancer in that it freed up what I believe is known as a “frozen shoulder.”

Short story long, I am really looking forward to using the floss when it arrives, probably use it a couple times this week, and then just as-needed when a joint feels out of whack.