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Voodoo Bands/Mobility Wod

Idk if there’s a way to get a sticky up regarding these two things, if anyone has an input idea I would gladly create a stickies thread. Basically I’ve been doing the mobility wod program and have successfully used voodoo bands to fix tricep tendonitis.

I keep seeing so many threads on here where I want to say use voodoo bands or check out mobility wod as Kelly star has many techniques to fix the EXACT problems many are mentioning. I wish I had srumed across this sooner and I feel like a sticky thread at the top of this forum would help tremendously

I’m gonna be hammering them a lot lately, that’s for sure. If it worked for my golfer’s elbow (pain on bone where tendon attaches), then why shouldn’t it work for the tibial tuberosity lol?

these are awesome

I am going to bring the therabands with me to the gym tomorrow and get 3 minutes on each knee as part of my warmup. The immediate relief from this is pretty incredible, plus doing a lot of bodyweight/light squats at the start of a squat session has helped as well.

They really are great. Idk if this is what you meant but you could always just do your body weight squats with the bands above/below your knee. Should really help get rid of any pain and open up that range of motion

yep! that’s what I’m planning on doing

Glenn Pendlay has a post somewhere saying they work well with knee wraps as well. I bet even my wrist wraps would be fine. I’m glad I don’t have to shell out close to $60 for some rubber bands lol