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Voodoo Bands are Legit

I have had patallar pain for a VERY long time and the patella was also laterally tilted.

I did all the basic things to try and fix it (ice, stretching etc…) my glutes fire just fine as i have been doing glute activation for a long time, i would use a travel roller almost everyday and still not much improvement.

over the last several week i have used the Voodoo bands nearly everyday, and done poliquin step-ups 3-4 times/week and its amazing the difference.

Not only is the pain almost totally gone, but my patella is actually visibly less tilted! I can actually feel the lateral boarder of the patella.

for anyone who had tried everything for knee issues, i STRONGLY recommend Voodoo bands.

How’d you use them? Just like in the Kstar video (above and below patella)?

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
How’d you use them? Just like in the Kstar video (above and below patella)?[/quote]

yes, its quite painful, but very very worth it, atleast for me. I i tried it the first time and it helped for only a few minutes before the pain and popping noises were back. I thought i had wasted my money, but i kept on using them, at first up to 3 times/day.

The more i use them, the better the results.

poliquin step-ups are also working nicely, although i had done them before i got the voodoo bands and they didnt do too much good

I here you on that. They are amazing, I find myself preaching about them to people a little too often but they really are that good.

have any of you guys used them to cure elbow pain?

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
have any of you guys used them to cure elbow pain?[/quote]

I personally dont have elbow pain, but a friend of mine who was bench pressing TONES to get ready for a competition was having some pain and I used them on him before a workout and he had no pain during the workout. Im assuming that it came back without regular use just like my knee.

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
have any of you guys used them to cure elbow pain?[/quote]

Yes. Voodoo bands work awesome for elbow pain.

I’ve also had tendinitis in the shoulder a few times and Voodoo bands took care of that right quick.

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
have any of you guys used them to cure elbow pain?[/quote]
It’s definitely getting rid of my tendinosis that I have in the inside of my elbow, medial side, golfer’s elbow I think it’s called.

Long-term though, it would be smart to know why something was causing elbow pain, like maybe your shoulders were not properly externally rotated when pressing overhead, which could cause issues…

Help explain these to me. So you wrap them around your troubled joint after working out? Can you do it yourself, or does someone else have to wrap you? Been having severe elbow pain when pressing, and it’s keeping me out of the gym. Need help.

cool, thanks guys. Andy, my e;bow issues are actually getting a little better thanks to improving my upper back posture, but I figure adding the bands couldn’t hurt.

I used voodoo bands for my tricep tendonitis (elbow pain). It worked and the day after I felt a difference. This was after 8 weeks of PT which didn’t do a damn thing

FOr your elbow you need someone to wrap it for you, needs to be tight and secure. I’ve done my knees on my own but someone elses help is def great. Ill post a video of kelly starr showing you how to wrap them on the elbow. Also he doen’st get into it but a friend of mine is studying to be an athletic trainer and he advises to wrap distal to proximal. The idea is to force the blood out and then let it surge back in, so in theory distal to proximal would make this effect even greater. Either way works fine though in my experience.

Heres the link to buy the bands. The vidoe on the right of the screen is kelly starr wrapping some guys elbow, so this is the technique you would use for elbow pain. watch the whole thing

Just realized the site has been updated and theres a blue strip below the pics that says “learn how to get most from this mobility product” click that and you’re good

hmm, they look like they’re no fun at all but they’re not as expensive as I thought they’d be so I think I might pick one up.

Hope my girlfriend is strong enough to do the joint manipulation thing properly, lol

Can you use them for your ankle/achilles?


My girls done the manipulation before, doesn’t take much strength. Haha just don’t piss her off before… I’m honestly not sure about the ankle. I would imagine its possible…

I would offer to play around with wrapping the ankle and put up a vid or something but I’m hesitant for 2 reasons… 1 I’m not qualified to give injury advice in any way, and 2 I wouldn’t know if it worked cause thats not a problem area for me

I’ve actually got some ideas on how it could help the ankle area. A few stretches off the top of my head and maybe full squats with toes elevated on a plate…,. Idk

Just ordered me a pair. Excited to see if they help with my elbow pain. Have rested for two weeks because of the pain and am about to get back in the gym. Hopefully these help.

You can wrap your shoulder and elbow by yourself, I do it quite frequently.