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Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions


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Anyone read this? I just finished reading Breafkast of Champions and Sirens of Titan for class, and I love them both, but I just gotta say, Breakfast of Champions was one weird-ass book. I understand it, even that weird-ass ending, but it's still hella weird.

Anyone else tried Vonnegut?


I think it was weird.

I enjoyed both of them, as well as Slaughter House 5.



I discovered Vonnegut this year, read Cat's Cradle, Player Piano and just read Slaughterhouse 5 over last weekend.

Haven't read Breakfast of Champions yet though.


Maybe because he doesnt live in 1999 and use words like Hella.


On the recommendation of a friend I picked this one up recently, so I am just starting to read it. I've never read Vonnegut before (no idea how I made it out of high school without reading Slaughterhouse Five) and so far... weird, quirky, interesting and fun.


Just wait for the ending, heh, it's real odd.

If you can remember to do so, PM me or something when you're done reading it. Since it was an outside reading requirement, I never got a chance to discuss it in class, and I'm interested in talking about it with anyone who's read it.


I read Breakfast of Champions a few years ago. I don't remember it all but I remember it was good.


I've been a devout follower of "The Church of God Utterly Indifferent" since I first read The Sirens of Titan back in 1971 or so. Up until then I'd been raised as a Roman Catholic, that book completely changed my outlook on religion in general, and organised religion in particular. Great read.


I thought I ws the only follower of The Church.....


No, we number in the millions. Keep the faith.


whats a good vonnegaut ( sp? ) starter-book?


Slaughterhouse Five is a pretty easy read, and it's a good from start to finish.


I liked Vonnegut, but his cynicism gets really old, really fast. I've read all he's written, with the exception of some of his essays ...

Cat's Cradle is pretty good. Breakfast of Champions is totally his funniest. My personal favourite is Mother Night, which is probably the most obviously political in nature.


I've read some Vonnegut, wrote a thesis on him once. The thesis was about how Vonnegut heroes have no control ever in the lives, like the aliens in Slaughterhouse 5. He's a good author, interesting read, but hard to follow


Laxxone - Yeah, Vonnegut deals with that type of stuff. It's the central theme in Sirens of Titan, and it's mentioned often in Breakfast of Champions.

mauser - I didn't find Breakfast of Champions that funny... the humor was too dark, and I don't mind black comedy, but this time I wasn't a huge fan. Maybe it's because I read half the book in one sitting because we had a book check the next day heh.

thabigdon - I've only read two Vonnegut, so maybe there are better, but Sirens of Titan is funny, captivating to read (unlike Breakfast of Champions at times), and is typical weird Vonnegut.

To anyone who still remembers Breakfast, what'd you think of the ending? Theme-wise? To me, it represented Vonnegut's hopelessness for the human race. After Karabekian gives his little monologue about that "unwavering band of light" that represents the only human part of us, our awareness, Vonnegut has faith in people again. And when he tells Kilgore at the end that he's his creator, thus making him "aware," making him human, all Kilgore does is shout a selfish "make me young make young make me young," and with the two crying eye picture and the "ETC" at the end (which is mentioned earlier in the book), it makes me believe that Vonnegut thinks there is no hope for the human race as far as us becoming truly human.