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Vonko1988 TRT Log

Hi guys. Finally I will start TRT officially today.

I successfully froze sperm at morning, all readings were good and the quantity was more than enough.

I hope things with T go smoothly and my sleep to improve or at least not to worsen, as well as my anxiety, ability to concentrate and mental clarity. These are the symptoms that are most problematic for me. My protocol is:

20mg omnadren(sustanon) per day sub-q

200-400mg magnesium bissglycinate
50mg zinc picolinate
2 gr fish oil
10 000 ui vitamin d per day with some k2

Ive started all the supplements one week ago.
After 3-4 weeks I will try to add HCG 2 x 250 ui weekly and later 10mg dhea and pregnenolone. One thing at a time only

I hope with this sustanon 20mg to build levels in 2-3 weeks and eventually to reach some level at least 1000 total test. This is at least what the doctor expects to happen

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Subscribed. I wish you luck and hopefully I’ll follow your path in no time.

Make sure to go to the gym to make the most out of it. :wink:

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Im going for several months 4 times a week and working with a trainer, just going now for deadlift day

Good luck!

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Good luck @vonko1988, eager to follow your progress. Just remember, and I know you know this, but your body is going to do a bunch of adjusting when you start… Be careful not to add too much too soon until you get a baseline and wait 8 weeks before changing anything. Let your body do it’s thing and sort out what you are doing to it.

Hoping for the best for you!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
The doctor advised me not to wait 8 weeks to add HCG, but 3-4. Maybe he dosent want my testicles to completely shut down. And also bear in mind this is not cypionate and things here happen much quicker.
Even today I think I felt some burst of energy and I dont think it is a placebo. Could be a reaction to the oil, who knows. At least I do not have swelling on injection site like most people get with this ester. Hope to get some good sleep tonight, but I’m also mentally prepared for sleeping issues the first days

What does this mean?

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Throwing in a bunch of other compounds half way into a new protocol is ill advised, adding HCG, DHEA and pregnenolone when your levels are in flux is bad idea. Three of these compounds can increase anxiety, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


Sustanon contains propinate

Makes sense. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about TRT it’s that no one really knows. Eventually you stumble upon something that works. Along the way you learn what doesn’t work. The only advice I could give anyone is to stick with a protocol long enough to know if it works. Everything else is subjective.


10,000 vit d a day sounds a lot to me. I was told by a couple doctors not to even do 3,000 as it gets stored and who knows what the long term consequences are. I do between 2 and 3,000 but 10,000 seems like a ton. Is it prescribed?

5,000/day is basically the minimum to get your levels to rise. It’s usual protocol to use 10,000+ for a period and then drop down to 5,000 to maintain levels.


I take vitamin d for a long time, more than a year. I was currently taking 7-8 000 per day and my levels were around 70 but the doctor said he wants to see them at least 90

You can run blood tests and I can guarantee you these doctors are wrong and they have no idea for optimal levels

@systemlord definitely agree with you and I will not all all of this at once.
At week 3-4 I hope to get more or less stable on T and feel a bit optimized so in this case I will try to add the HCG then. Will see how it goes with it, if my body successfully gets used to it for which will again maybe take 3-4 weeks then I will try to add the DHEA and again when I get used to it will try the pregnenolone.

I would wait at least 8 weeks to add anything… I’ve experienced changes even after 8 weeks with the same protocol.

How about your thyroid treatment? I thought you started thyroid meds too.

@kemosi Im currently taking only 3mcg T3, the doctor said to keep it for now even after started TRT.

I was surprised that he said also to keep the caber for now, after 2-3 weeks I will ask him again about the caber because in my mind I should look into stopping it. First it should be not necessary after I go on TRT, second seems it continues to slowly raise my SHBG

As for the HCG I’m not comfortable waiting 8 weeks for sure because my testicles will be shut off by then

Slept a bit better than previous nights, but woke up very groggy and went to gym before work. Workout was good.
Feel a little aggressive today. I guess I will need to learn how to handle the increased energy I started to feel(I’m sure I’m not placeboing).
Also I dont feel as cold as usual since yesterday - today Im clothed much lighter and the weather temperatures here dropped but I feel fine. I felt similar in regards of that on higher dose of T3

Sus only contains a small amount of prop as in barely 10%. The majority of the mix is long, very long, and the mix of esters make E2 management more difficult FYI.

I would think ED injections would help. No I was not confusing them but I admittedly thought the half life was longer than 7.5 days which is almost on par with cyp/enth.