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Vomiting = Test and GH Release?


So I'm lifting and I hear one guy tell another that, if you work out till you vomit, the vomiting means your body is releasing more testosterone and GH. I would have dismissed this as BS but the guy making the comment is a 3rd year physical therapy student, so I thought maybe he knows something. Does this sound familiar/plausible?


Vomiting is totally anabolic bro.


Seriously? I'm dumb enough to believe this...


It is a stress so I would imagine that it spikes cortisol.


I believe that a elevated blood lactic acid level is a trigger of growth hormone release, in order to produce a lot of lactic acid a subject may reach nausea. This may partly explain half of this guys comment, why you would actually want to vomit I don't know.

Also, I could be completely wrong here so....


Vomitting is catabolic.


As far as I know jk270 is right. Lactic acid build-up can cause nausea. It can also cause the release of growth hormone. But connecting nausea to hormonal output is silly.


That's one of the most idiotic things I ever heard. Trust me, the fact that he is in his last year of PT doesn't mean much. I taught college classes to last year chiropractic students and physical therapists. I worked with many doctors, therapists, chiros, Ph.Ds in exercise science, etc. And most of them don't know much and tend to create their own bad theories from the little that they do know.

Physical therapists have a lot of biomechanics and kinesiology classes, but only 1 or 2 physiology classes, which only cover the basics.

Vomiting can come from either excessive body acidity (from too much lactic acid build up) or from a disrupted digestive system.

The later occurs when you eat a large meal prior to training. The body DOES NOT shuttle blood equally throughout the body. It sends more blood where it is needed. After a meal almost 70% of the blood volume is sent to the digestive system. When exercising a majority of the blood volume is sent to the working muscles.

When you are training when digesting a heavy meal the body has two choices: send the majority of the blood to the muscles, in which case digestion is inhibited and vomiting can occur. Or it can send the majority of the blood to the digestive system, in which case you normally lack energy and get out of breath easily.

If vomiting is caused by a surplus of lactic acid, then the PT-in-the-making might have assumed that since an increase in lactate is correlated to an increase in GH production then vomiting = GH, which is not the case.


How is it not catabolic? You're emptying the contents of your stomach and doing it regularly is damaging, even if it is linked with a boost in testosterone it's not worth intentionally trying to vomit.


I take some measure of pride in having Coach tell me my question is one of the most idiotic things he's ever heard (I know you've heard a lot of idiotic things). Thanks everyone for the input.


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These are not the only two causes of emesis (not sure if you were implying that or not). Unless "disrupted digestive system" is just your broad term to cover all other etiologies (which might have been the case).


BRB, gonna get a bucket!


Actually, Poliquin said this was the case. This came from a video a friend lent me that had Poliquin being interviewed by an Australian woman and he said that when a client is doing GBC they needed to aim for a level of nausea in order to get the best results "You need to turn green" was the quote I remember. I watched this video at the end of '99 and I'm not sure when it was made so he may have changed his stance on the issue but it was his belief, for a time at least.


I meant that it is not the actual vomiting that causes GH release. Lactate accumulation has been a theorised as possibly spiking GH. But more recent work contradict that.

Anyway, even is lactate accumulation does lead to GH release it is not the vomiting that will do it.

And just because a coach says something doesn't make it unquestionable dogma... and that includes anything I say.


I thought the nausea was a combination of factors, such as low blood sugar, lactic acid build up and your oxygen consumption surpassing your body's ability to move oxygen to where it is needed...

But wait, I'm an engineer, so don't listen to me.


I read somewhere that the great Arnold used to often pump iron until he vomited. He kept a bucket at the gym just for that reason.


vomiting after a workout take out all the periworkout supps you just chugged down, so i would say vomiting after a workout would be highly catabolic. also after i puke i dont want to eat anything so there goes the post workout meal.


Even if it were 100% true, do you really think it's worth it? Yaking is number 1 on the list of things I never ever want to do again.
I mean, you gotta draw the line somewhere, if that's what it took, I would find another hobby.


I read Arnold puked because he worked out so hard and unleashed the secretion of so much growth hormone that the growth hormone overload, if you will, resulted in his vomiting.