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Vomiting During ABBH


For the first time in a long time i went gym after breakfast. I was doing day 3 of ABBH I which looks like this

A1 Front Squats 5x10
A2 Hanging Pike 5x10
A3 Standing Calve Raises 5x10

After my 4th set of front squats i felt a bit sick and had to sit down, so i did. After about 3-4 mins i knew i was going to throw up but tried my best to prevent it by taking deep breaths. I couldn't handle it so i went to the toilet and threw up. It looked like mostly water, I've never thrown up before during any workout and i cant believe i did today, I usually eat then wait 2-2.5hours before going gym, but this time waited only 1.5 hours. Maybe its this humid weather which makes it awfully hard to breath. Could this be before im doing giant sets? they do drain me more than straight sets.. i sweat more, more challenging etc. Hopefully this doesn't happen next week and i can hit all my sets kinda disapointed i had to leave but i felt yukky ;(



You're tough, some vomit just by reading the article.


Lol, what?

What the heck is ABBH?


anti-bodybuilding-hypertrophy i think. i forget the author, blonde guy, used to write articles for T-Nation. most of guys here poo-pooed his routines...shit, can't remember his names. really well known though

/edit Chad Waterbury


Of course it looked mostly like water. It was in a toilet!




Oooooh, it was a Chad Waterbury workout.

Uh huh... gotcha.


Chad Waterbury is the shit. I don't care what anyone says. The guy used to be big as shit, too.


I got killer gains off of his Waterbury Method. For some reason it's en vogue around here to talk shit about the guy despite the fact that he put a lot of muscle on a lot of people, himself included.


Typical backlashing reaction.

Waterbury did some serious bodybuilder bashing.

Discussing one of his articles, some of Waterbury's posts got deleted (by forum administration, presumably). Some say as per Waterbury's request.

If I remember correctly, he truly hated on isolation work.

If you're catering to an audience subscribing to 'The Intelligent and Relentless Pursuit of Muscle', you just can't get away with that without some backlash.

Apart from that, I liked a lot of the stuff he advocated/advocates.
It's simple.
It's nothing new.
And it works.
And I was doing it way before I joined this site.

For instance, back in '07, Waterbury outlined in one of his HFT articles, that the rep speed should be used as an indicator as to when to finish a set (as opposed to prescribed rep counts).

Reminds me a bit of part of the Perfect Rep approach by Thibaudeau. Did Thibaudeau copy from Waterbury? Unlikely.
It's more likely both drank from the same source of knowledge.

I, for one, enjoy the drama for shits and giggles and am not put off by it.
Take what works, ditch the rest, add additional necessary stuff.

There's always some shit mixed under your fruit loops. Just ignore it.


I posted some stuff about Waterbury about this time last year and took some crap for it. Of course I later posted some stuff just get under people's skin which I'm sure didn't help, but hey, we've all done stupid stuff.

Anyway, I still think his early writings have validity to them. He kind of went off the deep end when he started advocating stuff like single leg deadlifts, jumping in place for calves, doing 24 singles in a routine, or doing a million push ups in a day. On his website recently, he came up with a routine where you did 1 pull-up, 1 push-up, and 1 lunge on Jan. 1, and by Dec. 31, you were supposed to be doing, you guessed it, 365 push-ups, 365 pull-ups, and 365 lunges in a day.

I think there are still plenty of untrained guys out there that could benefit from training more frequently like he advocated until they reached some decent strength levels. It's kind of funny to me though how the guy hasn't really contributed on a regular basis for like 2 or 3 years, and people always bring him up. Nobody ever seems to bring up guys like Staley, Cosgrove, or Poliquin who I thought were also pretty popular for a while.


Front squats are fucking hard. Doing them requires abs. You should have a damn good reason for supersetting them, and "Waterbury said so" isn't. The man might have a few good ideas, but I don't consider this one of them.


Amen! It seems like there is no method to any of this. Big Mulitjoint lift before a core/hip flexion combo followed by hip flexor isolation? If youre looking for hypertrophy, working hip flexors for a two thirds of your workout isnt the way to go. Hopefully you spend more time on the glutes or youre just looking for some serious anterior pelvic tilt


I almost included in my post that Waterbury didn't prescribe a lot of direct arm work in his programs and often said stuff like "You get big arms from rows, dips, benches, etc.. not curls and pressdowns" and that kind of made him lose credibility in some peoples eyes. Whether people agree with his methods or not the guy knows his shit.


I am going to start using this in daily conversation.


my pic didn't load...


That was a pic of him doing what called Waterbury walks which he recommended doing at 60% of your deadlift max. So if 405 was his 60%, that would make his deadlift around 675. He also claimed a 600 raw squat, around 500 raw bench, and a bodyweight of 287. Nobody doubts his accomplishments.

I mentioned earlier that I still think his early writings have merit. I think what causes all the commotion around him is that he made some pretty fantastic claims about split routines, steroids, and some other stuff. Then you have 180lb guys dissing 220lb guys about how they should be doing fullbody routines. Plus he came up with some whacky stuff like doing 24 singles in one workout.

He used to actually have his own forum to discuss his stuff in like CT does. Perhaps a return to the Waterbury locker wouldn't be a bad idea since people still seem to love his stuff.


I was thinking the same like i should rest 90 sec and just do straight sets as Waterbury suggests, then move on. I need to buy some light olympic plates for next week. I don't see why anyone hates on Waterbury his workouts work better than any i have been on aslong as your giving 100% it can be amazing in terms of results.



My opinion on this is any abdominal movement that requires a whole lot of full body tension, will interfere with breathing and lead to a big lactic acid buildup, especially if you are doing 10 reps. This will make you feel sick.

Front squats plus HLRs supersetted equals brutality. I think you meant standing calf raises and not leg raises, too, from looking at the program.

I'd do it as written and just take longer breaks between giant sets. Push it, but give yourself a bit more time to clear some of the lactic acid, so you don't puke.

Also, like you mentioned, and I've witnessed it from guys pushing the prowler, they push through and finish the set, then stumble around mumbling shit for 5 minutes before puking. That boundary is small and you won't know if you've crossed it until you puke or start to feel the nausea subside after you've finished the sets.

This is also why I think adding an core movement like a hanging leg raise or knees to elbows which I like better, or even a plank, within a circuit in place of a barbell/weighted movement is a good way to condition without interfering too much with your recovery.


thank you theuofh great suggestions
and yes its standing calve raises not leg raises