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Volunteering in Conservation


Recently got dumped by my girlfriend of 5 years because she basically wanted to "find who she was" and be free to do whatever she wants to do. We were together from when she was 16 and i was 18 so finding it pretty hard to take at the moment. Didn't see it coming at all.

Thats basically the reasoning behind it, but basically been thinking about going out to Africa to volunteer at a big cat sanctuary or that sort of thing. Actually not even necessarily Africa but would just really like to go and work somewhere looking after animals/conservation work whilst seeing a different part of the world and experiencing a different culture during my 6 week break from teaching next summer!

I don't know anyone or of anyone who has done something similar before so thought it would put it out to my fellow t-nationers. Anyone got any experience/storys to tell, personal ones or ones youve heard from friends, family or acquaintances.


I wouldn't make a decision of this magnitude in an emotionally turbulent time like the one you are describing...maybe you should give it a month or two before you make up your mind.


What the above poster said. You don't make rash decisions to travel across the world. That's immaturity. Take a few months, calm down, and then make that decision. You don't want to find yourself regretting that decision with no way out in a foreign land. Think it through.

And what she told you is code for "she wants to be a slut." She got bored in a steady relationship and wants to go do what all of her friends are doing - make bad decisions and be stupid. You know, the culturally accepted thing. There is no reason for her not to "find herself" while still in a relationship.


He said it's only for 6 weeks. I say go and see the world and live on your own for awhile.

It's the monomyth. A man leaves the familiar behind, explores realms unknown to his people, encounters and overcomes many trials, and then returns with new found knowledge for the betterment of his people.

I'd go to Eastern Europe. They have some mountains, it's relatively safe, and you can try to woo the local women.


Translation: She wants to play hide the salami with some other guy. Time to move on.


Women can fuck you up man.

But going to Africa is probably not going to fix anything


This is definitely not an area I'm in any way qualified to talk about, having never been through a traumatic break-up or done overseas work lol, but I completely agree with this post. Go for it!


Salami? Shit thats a big piece of meat, oh wait I think I'm confusing it with pastrami. Hiding meat all aside I agree that she is probably interested in other guys. She wouldn't need to get out of a relationship to find herself, that's just a line of bologna.


Just go camping by yourself for a week.

Africa is noble, but help out poor people there.


Or could have been a Slim Jim.


You don't know that. Maybe he has syphilis. Then he goes to Africa and contracts malaria which cures his syphilis.


True, but then where does he go to cure the malaria.

Will the madness ever stop?




Hey, if you need to go to Africa fine.
I volunteered in conservation in this country. I joined a united nations association (look them up if you're still young enough, they're awesome) workcamp and worked with volunteers from all around the world for nearly a month all told. The young bulgarian woman I met there blew my mind.
I'd say just do it. Life is too short not to do awesome stuff if you get the opportunity, and that's god's own truth.


South America. He can make quinine from the bark of the Chinchona tree.


Fuck it dude, if you have the opportunity then take it. You'll reach a point in your life where it's a lot harder to drop everything and peace out to get a new experience. Honestly man it sounds awesome.


Ofc you didnt.

Its coide for "I want to ride and suck as many strange dick as I can and then look for THE ONE".

Dont take her back.


Ferk it, just go.

However, I worked a few years in this sort of setting (even got the language down). The people won't appreciate you at all. In fact, they would just talk shit about the short term volunteers to me.... women got it tougher. But what do you really expect from spending 1000s of dollars to do petty work for a few weeks? They appreciated the program fees (yes, they charged to volunteer) more than the actual work.

x2 don't take her back