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Voluntary Castration

I am watching a documetary about men who voluntarily get castrated. They get it done because they want to be genderless, from what I’ve seen so far. It is quite interesting. The title of the doc. is “American Eunuchs” if you were wondering.

Balls are bad, M’kay?

Yeah I’ll be sure to look that one up…nope. Just the thought of that makes me cringe…

Ouch! It`s not like

It`s not like they can put their testes in in a jar, place the jar on a shelf and just install them back when needed.

Must be one heck of a process to justify this choice. I guess multiple interviews, many legal documents to sign, and tons of psychological evaluations.

And with all the media and marketing oversexing everything, using ones sex as a USP, wouldnt that choice be like Doom?

If they want to be different, they sure will proceeding this way. Won`t this finish like self-imposed ostracism? Who can relate to eunuchs?

Im not saying that they cant have fulfilling lives. But both guys and girls think so much of it, and a good part of adult life revolves around it, there must be one heck of a void after you take it out of your life.

We live in the whackiest of times…nothing can surprise me at this point!

Ahhh…Biotest loses a few more potential customers…!



Anyway, natural reaction aside, if you find this sort of thing interesting, try “Bodies Under Siege” by Favazza.

NEVER, EVER, EVER bring up this subject again

Or else I’ll have to castrate you!

I don’t see the problem. These people deserve a Darwin Awards (i.e. an award for taking themselves out of the gene pool).

Either that or some serious psycological care. Especially if they have not yet but are considering … (I just can’t say it! yow).