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Say I do a ME exercise, and on my first week of it I do 95x3, 115x3 ect. moving up in 20lb jumps untill I get to my max for that day. On the next ME day should I increase the weight ( 100x3 and so on ) or just keep it the same, and work up to a max? Wouldn’t I want to increase the volume, because I would lift more total weight?

I know for a fact that i like to kep the lower sets in to act as an extra warmup after gpp, eventualy you’ll ave progressed nough to either add an extra set in thus increasing volume or adding weights to the sets thus increasing the volume, either way works but i prefer the extra set method.


I think this is 100% a personal thing…i do the same work up for all my max effort work i like to do 12-13 total sets…but i know a few guys who only do 5 sets all sinlges…i personally could never do that i like to take my time working up and feeling the weight…there have been tons and tons of time i start off thinking damn i am going ot have a bad work out but then i get to around 315-335 and bang a light comes on and its a whole new day…i have found what works really well for me on benhcing movements and i never like to change it…but on squats, gm’s, and dl’s its a little harder ot find that perfect warmup groove due to the variation in maxes for all those movements…but yea YOU have to mess around with various “work ups” until you find what works for you…bm