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Quick question for folks, I want to get an idea of how much volume folks think is needed for continued growth. I know this is a pretty hotly debated question in some circles.

For my bit I have been doing about 6 sets per body part per week. However, the math is bit weird because I am only counting compound exercises for 1 body part. So bench is counting only for chest not chest and tris. I have recently found I have become stalled. I am sure my diet has something to do with it, but it seems to me that as we grow we need higher and higher volume to continue to make gains. I am going to change it to around to 9 sets per body part per week for month or so and see what happens.

Anyone else have a feeling on how many sets are needed at different levels of training? I think this causes some issues when we try applying studies on newbies to already trained folks.

its really an individual thing, it depends on tons of factors, training age, lifestyle, genetics, recovery ability, exercise selection, nutritional factors. play around until you find something that works for you.

What I was hoping for was folks to report personal experiece. Hopefully from folks with more then 6-8 years of training.