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Volume Training


Enjoyed your “Game Plan” article on training volume. I use 80 reps per bodypart, hitting each bodypart once a week. Right now I’m lifting for maximum hytrophy and strength.

What are your thoughts on rep schemes from week to week - should I progress from 3x8 to 4x6 to 5x5?


Max. hypertrophy and max. strength require separate blocks. You can do a 3-4week hypertrophy block followed by a 3-4 week strength block. You can also do one week of each in alternating fashion, but I’d think the first option is ideal. Figuring out rep schemes for the blocks depends on your individual level of training. A fast twitch dominant person would require different set/rep schemes from that of a mixed or slow-twitch fibre dominant. A fast twitch dominant would be better off with higher rep/fewer sets, mixed twitch is better off in the mid-range and slow twitch is better off with higher intensity(fewer reps/ more sets).

actually CT has been advocating his pendulum approach for things just like this where one-two weeks focus on one aspect and then one week focus on the second and visa versa. ie
Week 1-H
Week 2-S
Week 3-H
Week 4-H
Week 5-S
Week 6-H
Week 7-S
Week 8-S
Week 9-H
and so on, it can be set up a variety of ways as it is very very flexible and a great training idea.