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volume training question

when doinig an increased volume style program for size gains, like GVT, or OVT, has anyone on this forum experimented with working up to a max single or triple on a prescribed movement, then doing the 10x10, ect.? i wonder if this could help maintain CNS/fast twitch muscle fiber conditioning without compromising the integrity of the overall probram.

OVT is designed to combat the strength-loss problems inherent in GVT. Personally, I think it would be most effective on something like GVT. Probably also make you lift a bit heavier on the 10x10 section of the program due to something like the 1-6 principle at work. (Lifting something heavy before lifting something lighter makes the lighter thing seem easier than it would otherwise).

Seems like a crapload of volume to me. I’d only bother with it if I were on GVT for over six weeks.


I’ve seen significant strength increases with a 10 set/5 rep pyramid, alternating between some type of bench press and various pullup variations.

I don’t imagine single reps would pose a problem, per se, but nor do I think they’d have any significant effect on muscle composition.

I had some fun with incline rack lockouts today toward the end of program. Done with a wide grip, I felt holding 130% of my max for 15 seconds stressed my chest more than 5 reps with 85%.


interesting knight, i might have to try that out…thanks for the response guys!