Volume training ideas

I am a big fan of mixing high volume training (High sets, lower intensity) and high intensity training (lower sets, going closer to failure, not Mentzer style either). By mixing I do a week or two of volume training, followed by a week of dinosaur training then a week or two of intensity, followed by another week of dino training, then back to the start. Besides German Volume Training and Rest-pause singles,doubles and triples, does anyone have any other good high volume training ideas ?

Pick a body part and go to the gym and work only it. Use twenty sets either with the same movement or two. Or use a different movement for each set (although you may need to decide before hand what pundages to use). Use reletively short rest periods. 90 seconds down to 30.

If high volume’s what you want, supersets are very cool (drop sets too). This is because you can keep your volume high and your time low – which is good because training for too long has an adverse effect on your hormone levels.