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Volume Tap vs Spinal Tap 5’s Pro

Has anyone had any experience comparing Volume Tap to Spinal Tap 5’s Pro in Forever? Is 5’s Pro the modern version or are they hitting different targets? Thanks everyone!

Im just finishing up Spinal Tap5s pro, im in my last week of the anchor and I really liked it but it is hard hitting, not a program for long term. I did it with the exact accesories in the book also. I hit new PRs on my first and second week(of anchor) both in reps and with jokers. This week if did my OHP and deadlift days so far and I was dead doing minimal reps and cutting out the 5s week lifts for some fsl.
Start with a low tm ( ithink it says 80% or 85%) and its a great program for size and strenth, my shoulders have really put on a noticeable amount of meat (source my gf) and everyone at the gym says I gained.
Im gonna do the prep fatloss program next as a longer deload reset for my body and shed some fat then move on to BBB then Perverter probably.

I really appreciate the response. Great to know and very helpful. Happy Thanksgiving.

any specific questions? the biggest take back is when you get to the anchor, choose which lifts which weeks youll try for a PR. You can go balls to the wall every session of the Anchor. It says go for MAX one PR (+set) and max 2 joker sets.

Volume Tap is more 3’s pro with 3 different phases. ST 5’s pro is obviously consistent with the forever philosophy just wondered whether this was the newer version or if people had done both but with different objectives. Thanks

The anchor of the one i did is with 3s pro.

Where’s Volume Tap written?

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