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Volume/Tap Program

So I have been following this program and I am currently in week 5. Great program. Anyway, I trained on Sunday this week. Couldn’t get to sleep for whatever reason on Sunday night and again on Monday night. I got maybe 3 hours sleep at best each night. I also had to start working a little overtime this week so I am a bit worn out. Having the first session out of the way on Sunday, I thought my best option was to go in on Tuesday, do my deads and military using standard 5/3/1 sets and reps so I did 70/80/90% all for 3 reps only. No assistance work. I was supposed to do the volume work for squats and bench last night but life got in the way and I am super busy this evening with stuff that has to be done so no training tonight.

Given that the first part of the program is for 6 weeks then a deload before going into the second part of the workout, how should I handle this? Should I…

  1. Do next week as week 5 and go on from there?
  2. Do next week as week 6 and go on?
  3. Do the deload next week and start the second part the following week?
  4. Since this week ended up being a sort of deload in that I just did what I
    felt I should do to handle the circumstances, should I start next week as
    the second part of the program?

I don’t understand the question - maybe I’m missing something.

Just start where you left off. Today.

The question was how to approach things due to the messed up week. I know you generally suggest picking up where you left off but with this week being close to the end of one part of the program I didn’t know there was a more effective option.

I don’t allow myself to be constrained by a 7 day week. If it takes me 10 days to complete a weeks worth of workouts then it takes me 10 days. If I squat on Monday and I don’t get around to bench press until Saturday then I do bench press on Saturday. It’s not a big deal.

Thanks for the suggestion. I should probably adopt the same principle since things pop up from time to time. That way I can stay with the spirit of the program even if I have to miss days.