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Volume Question


I have run 5x5 before and got great gains (both strength and size) however i would like to 'fill' out and focus on hypertrophy / muscle gains souly. Is it possible to keep the same workout foccusing on bench rows, squats, deads, press, chins, dips ect and hitting a higher rep range for more volume & thus more focus on size.

Something like 4x8-10 ramping the weight up every time i can make the 10th rep? Or is this just a stupid idea? I just think that 5x5 is fab and the exercises are great but the returns are far more strength related.

Thanks guys!


you want to optimize growth? split up your body parts into different days of the week. off the top of my head

monday - back
tuesday - legs
wednesday - chest/shoulders
thursday - back
friday - legs
saturday - shoulders/arms

then for your first two exercises try and beat the ten rep range. make sense? I did do bill starrs 5x5 routine, years ago however it wasnt until i split up my days(using the split above) that I grew.


sorry I shouldn't say for you to do that routine, but focusing on one or two smaller body parts a day with most people will usually lead to greater hypertrophy


It's going to be more determined by your frequency of said 5x5, as well as (especially) your diet and recovery. There isn't a magic program that will make you grow. Any decent program will allow hypertrophy if your diet is in place.



Thanks for the replies guys!

Firstly, Ive always found that frequency, so working big muscles hard twice per week leads to far better growth than spilt programs. (this may just be me and i appreciate your advice!). RE: Stu Do you think i should stop over complicating it then and just stick to the 5x5 ? I will have diet in check, i just want to maximise growth, am i just over complicating things?


Without a doubt. Diet seems to be the piece of the puzzle people overlook, and that's where you really determine if your body can make progress from what you did in the gym.



So although reps of 5 is usually thought of as inducing more strength than hypertrophy, muscle size can be achieved at an optimal rate subject to sufficient nutrition?



Lift heavy and eat good.