Volume Off Cycle

I know a lot of people tend to increase volume 25-50% when on cycle. When coming off and going into PCT, do you keep everything the same for awhile, start gradually reducing right away or just go back to your old volume right away? I guess theoretically if you keep strength up then an instant drop in volume shouldn’t make you lose any real muscle gains but at the same time it seems counter-intuitive to me to change more than one variable at a time (with going off cycle being the main first change).

I’m finishing a 4 week cycle in a week and currently am doing 5 workouts per week whereas I usually do 4, and each exercise has been getting 3 work sets instead of 2 so the overall volume has gone up considerably. I was planning on keeping everything the same for 2 weeks into PCT but definitely want to get back to my old volume soon.

Obviously as androgen levels drop your going to lose work capacity, but your work capacity should still be increased as compared to pre-cycle. Don’t overthink it, just drop your volume slightly as you go into PCT.

Good luck,