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Volume & Intensity While Dieting

I’ve been searching for some really concrete info about this issue, but so far I’ve found little. I’m curious because I’m soon entering a cutting phase for a month-month and a half (BF 15- > ~10), and I’m trying to minimize muscle loss. Food- and supplement-wise I know the drill (enough protein, good fats, EPA/DHA, Multivitamins etc.) but one thing I’ve been wondering is this: Is volume really a large factor while dieting?

I was thinking of doing a short “peaking cycle” with a nice progression for squat, deadlift, bench and power cleans, 3x a week. This would mean that I’d be doing mostly stuff like 2-4 * 1-3 * 70-100% for three lifts during a workout, with intensity obviously rising towards the end of the cycle. The total volume is fairly low during certain days and weeks, and this made wonder if the high intensity itself is enough to keep most of the muscle loss away.

I’ve tried finding studies about this, but what I remember finding were mostly about overweight and untrained people. Are there any studies done about different set/rep/int-protocols used with intermediate/advanced trainees while losing weight?

This article http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=517831 by C. Thibaudeau mentions the benefits of higher intensity vs. lower volume and I can definitely understand the reasoning, but I guess I’m sort of after for more confirmation that I won’t be losing my hard earned meat. :slight_smile: