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Volume In 5-Day


I've been doing a 5-day a week programme now for a while, hitting each bodypart once a week, 4 exercises with 3 sets each per workout.

Saw this 5-day programme on the internet, but I'm just wondering if maybe there's too much volume in there, especially since I have a fairly hard time in gaining. Here's the link to the programme, any opinions greatly appreciated!



It all depends on what works for YOU!
I am currently doing 8x8 six times a week, hitting each muscle three times using different exercise each time. However, I think I recover fairly quick and my goals are to lean out. This does not mean it will work for everyone. Good Luch though!!


Depends indeed, everybody is different. The question is do you make progression...?
If not than it might be a bit too much for you.


Volume (and frequency) tolerance is indeed an individual thing. Generally, as much as you can do before reaching the point of diminishing returns is what I believe is optimal. Not doing enough is short changing yourself and doing too much is a recipe for burnout and chronic injury over time. Of course finding that sweet spot is the real trick isn't it?