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Volume Guidelines


I'm starting back doing 4 day splits. I tried the whole body deal for a while but found that my body seems to respond better to the traditional "body part" splits.

That being said I was wondering if there is any particular guidlines as to volume over a 4 day split.

I recall previously reading something by Chad Waterbury stating that when training for hypertrophy the ideal target reps fall between something like 24-50, I was wondering if there is some similar guidlines concerning total volume.

Should it be looked at over the course of a workout or over the course of a week? I also recall hearing to always keep workouts under an hour. My rule of thumb in past was to simply make sure that dependend upon my rest intervals, volume never exceeds the 60 minute mark.

Is this a logical method or should I shoot for a more definitive volume. Thanks.


Check this article by Thibaudeau: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459292

Pretty good guidelines.


I appreciate it. Very informative.