VOLUME: By Fred Hutchinson

If this was towards me, i did not feel it would be right for me sign up for a challenge that i would not be 100% commited to (pics and training log)

We wrote the principles for EVERYONE.

That’s why it’s on the forum as a download.

The principles are universally applicable – not just for the Surge Challenge – and will be continuously updated and expanded.

I don’t care if you do the Challenge or not.

But I do care that you read the principles.

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I read them, very interesting

And very effective.

Hey Tim, I see the surge challenge thread is closed, you mentioned there is a forum/thread for results, is that only for people doing the challenge or can anyone watch that thread and see how the people doing this, are doing?


The Surge Challenge is open to everyone to watch. We want visitors.

Posting is limited to members so that we can devote our time to them.

You’re welcome to start another thread to discuss the project.

I did read them… saw one curious omission. In the description of the pump set, there is no indication of how long that set is supposed to last, or how many reps you are supposed to do. I didn’t see anything that describes what ends the set. Did I miss it, or was it just an oversight?

I also am curious about how crucial the 60 second rest periods are. Seems that you will probably have to change weights between each of the three phases. Not an issue on a machine with a weight stack, or if you have a full rack of dumbbells. But I have Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells and those take a bit of time to adjust the weight.

ok thanks!

Everything works…just for a while, same for hit. it works for 6 weeks then it stops working and even layoff are not a solution. In this case Charles Poliquin had it right, and Mentzer was completely wrong. When one set to failure stops working you should increase the number of sets, there’s no other way around…

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Yep. One regular straight set (plain 6-12 reps, etc.), no matter how difficult, is only going to yield a limited amount of growth. A trainee will eventually tap that out and adapt to it. The mistake is relying on miniscule improvements in weight and/or reps over time as “progress” for hypertrophy using it especially while increasing rest days infinitum.

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Yes, everything works until it doesn’t, but there’s more complexity involved than adding sets If you want to keep making gains long-term.

Regarding Poliquin and Mentzer, I knew both men well and worked long-term with each. Saying one had it right while the other was completely wrong is unjustifiably polarized. (I rarely state absolutes because there aren’t many.) Both men made valuable contributions to training that everyone should study and learn.

Charles and Mike were a lot of fun to be around and brilliant at their craft.

We haven’t published the workouts. The workouts are the application of the principles and provide all the performance details. That’s how it works. System principles provide a framework for the practice of developing applications.

As I said, it’s all in the workouts.

OK, I’ll have to wait to see what the participants end up doing. But you did provide guidance on the other two phases: 8-10 stimulation reps, and 20 seconds of flutter reps. So the contrast of no guidance for the pump phase caught my attention.

As for rest periods, aside from what the workout might require, I was thinking more of the feasibility of implementing the principles when working with limited equipment.

Limited equipment isn’t a problem. We can work with pretty much anything. We included exercise bands and Fat Gripz in the kits to add variety. Both are inexpensive.

Post a list of your equipment if you don’t mind.

Pull up bar (doorway).

One set of Iron Master adjustable dumbbells, up to 75LB per dumbbell. Sturdy, but takes some time to change weights; maybe I could adjust in 60 seconds, maybe not. In any case, it would be a mad scramble. That why I asked if the duration of rest between phases was critical. Principles suggest 60 seconds.

Rogue Olympic barbell and 250lbs weight.

Weight vest that goes up to 60 lbs.

Flat bench

Titan single leg squat support roll (for doing Bulgarian split squats).

I’ve been intending to build some squat stands, but need to first create space in my garage. In the meantime I squat with vest plus dumbbells, so I can use up to 210LB added weight. Challenging enough for my age and size.

I’m not for adding a lot of sets but when after a few weeks the one set to failure stop working you don’t really have many choiche apart from incresing the number of sets x exercise from one to two or three and decreasing intensity. I’d say that for me personally is no more than 40 sets total x week, and when this stops working I can again decrease the sets and increase intensity, change exercises etc.


Hi Tim, can’t download this… “ no idea why”. Can it simply be added to thread/post.

You probably need to upgrade something.

I sent you a PM.

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Thanks Tim , appreciated.