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Hi T-folk. Question: how much Volume do you use in training, whats your upper and lower limits, what’s optimal for you ? How long do you guys keep your phases and do you switch up your supplementation when tinkering w/volume.? Just curiousity brewing here…Do it up…thanks, Mike

I workout 3x’s a week and some weeks only twice if I’m tired, sore,etc… I do 1-3 sets per bodypart and never more than 1 set of any exercise (after warm-up). and I ALWAYS have atleast one day off between workouts. peace

Thanks Het…I used to w/o HIT style…own lots of books by brizycki,whelan,mcroberts etc…It just didn’t workout well for me…I used different types of routines too…seemed like progress always halted quick. I ended up in horrible shape too. To each his own though. Its great that it worked for you. I’m going to continue using it as a change of pace though for four weeks at a clip… 20 rep squats are awesome. Mike

I lift 3 days per week for around 45 minutes to an hour. I also have 5 cheerleading workouts per week. The cheerleading workouts last about 3 hours and consist of about an hour of back tucks, an hour of stunting, and an hour of basket tosses and pyramids. then we condition with either pushups, steps, or sprints for a few minutes at the end. I havent noticed any drop off in the weight room and have actually gotten stronger and heavier. I do eat alot and am very careful to get enough carbs and protein to support that schedule.

mike I just wanted to say THANKS, once someone that does not agree with me chose not to insult, much props mike!! peace

I’ve been training Renegade style for the past month, and that involves high volume. Prior to that, I was doing a medium-to-high-volume workout doing the 6x2(4) method and 5x5. I’m thinking of switiching up to the Westside Barbell Club style of training which is a mix of low, medium and high volume.

Hey Het…No need for me to insult…everyone gets their own experience outta something. Question…did you ever read keys to progress. I love that book…and a lot of HIT afficianados are Mccallumites…Some of his programs are off the hook with volume, others are mor reasonable. I guess it shows the need for variety. Thanks everyone for youtr responses so far. Nate How did poloquin’s stuff work for you? Thanks, mike

Mike, Poliquin’s 5x5 and 6x2(4) worked very well for me. I increased strength on my basic exercises (front squats, deadlifts, close-grip benches, weighted chin-ups, overhead presses, seated rows) throughout the program. I either matched my best lifts in the past or beat them by 5-20lbs. So it was good for me. Of course, I’ve lost strength since then since my program has changed the last few months (Renegade Training). But I’m sure I can get back to the strength gains quickly once I start hitting it with heavier weights and lower reps. I’m thinking of using the Westside Barbell methods to get stronger.

I swap from low to mod to high volume all the time…starting with low volume and heavy weights for a month, then onto moderate volume and weight and then to a higher volume phase that also includes heavy weights. The last phase is where I put on most size. It’s basically a Poliquin inspired set up and looks like this:
3 exercises per body part: ex1: 5 sets of 6-4 with 3mins rest. Then ex2 & ex3 back to back and that’s usually 3 sets of 10-8reps and 2 sets of 12-10 reps respectively.

It’s a pretty taxing workout scheme but like I said…I cycle my training so 3-4 weeks of this is followed by some low volume heavy work.

I use 10 to 20 sets per workout, mainly with a westside protocol. Yesterday I decided to try overhead squats ala coach. I did three sets, followed by 3 glute ham sets, three reverse hypers, two ab bench, two roman chair twists, followed by four 200’ sled drags with 160 in the alley behind the office. When I have a speed day, I use 10 -12 sets followed by auxillary work for 8 -10 sets. If I find the time, I’ll do a light feeder workout for ten to twelve sets. Nate if you wnat to ask anything about Westside training, I’ve done it on and off for three years. I’ve taken seminars from Dave and would talk to Louie a lot when I needed to clarify something.

I’m on my second month of Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training (kicks ass) and I work out 3x a week for anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour. On Sundays I usually do abs and a little extra shoulder work. Lata.

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5-6 days/week (45min-1H), usually one bodypart per day, sometimes two. 10-15 sets per bodypart, with a mix of heavy weight (5x5) and medium (3x8, 4x12). Abs about EOD, cardio once in a while. I use the Westegade PoliKing method of training and the Massive Bowlfull of Jelly Don’t Diet Diet.