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Volume and Warm-ups?

Quick question. I’m trying to finally concentrate on my workouts a little more since my diet is squared away. I’m going for higher volume currently. About 24 to 30. I just wanted to be sure that in general those repssets don’t include your warmups. So if you are doing 310 you would have maybe 2*10 in warm-ups in addition to that. Am I right here?

Pretty much yes. Don’t count your warm-up sets, count your working sets.

Another thing, I’ve been noticing alot of people wanting to increase their volume lately. I would advice you to do that through progressive overload. Don’t sacrafice your intensity for volume. Train the way you want to… if you want to be in the 5-8 or 9-12 rep range, then stay there if thats the type of strength and hypertrophy you’re looking for.

Just increase the load or add and extra set, or even do another workout. But, don’t replace your intensity type lifting just to get a higher volume number. That is a waste and will not benefit you. Use the progressive resistance concept. I’m going to have to make a thread on this if I keep seeing this.

I don’t know where all these volume questions are coming from. But, volume is bullshit unless your comparing it to your usual training and loads. I use 7 rep paramaters for chest training giant sets with a 4 part set.

I would never change my 7 rep parameter unless I was looking for another way to build the muscle for different goals. I simply add weight, or try to do the sets with less rest to increase the intensity and or volume.

i’ve always done fairly high volume, but I worked my way up to where i am now doing 24-30. I only rest 30-60seconds in between sets or else i don’t feel I got a workout. I increase the load at a given rep level until i can’t budge and then I drop my reps and increase my sets.

I do a week of lower weight every fourth week and then explode the next.