Volume and Progress

Hello CT,

what’s the relation between volume and hypertrophy/ strength gains.
Obviously there is a sweet spot for volume which is optimal. However you also need to constantly increase your volume to get bigger and stronger.

At the moment I do 220-240 sets per week, 7 days per week, 4 main training days for squat/bench/dead and 3 assistance days for different compound and isolation exercises . Of the 220-240 are 120-140 hard Sets and around 100 done with a barbell.
I train like this since 6 months+ and the volume keeps increasing. At the moment every training session takes around 2 hours +…
This training works really well for me, I get stronger and bigger every week and break on every training day records. However I realize I need to change it and find a smarter way because where will it end up volume and length wise? The Bulgarians started with maxing one time daily and when that stopped worked they did it twice and more, right ? That’s not applicable for me.

-Should one cycle volume in a monthly plan ? When I look at the westside dynamic day (which got replaced by another max day …) the volume is kept the same over the three weeks while the intensity is changing. Does that mean it’s better to keep the total volume per week the same and increase the intensity over the course of 3 weeks and then restart ?

-how to make progress without increasing the volume? Does a deload week plays a crucial role here to sensible the body to training stimulus again?

You wrote: Natural lifters, if they want maximum growth, need to push their work sets harder. That’s because they can’t do as much volume. If you can’t do as much volume to fatigue the muscle fibers, you must reach maximum stimulation a different way, and this requires pushing each of the work sets.

Your best damn training for natural lifters looks so low on volume … what happens when I start to orient my training more on this approach and cut my volume in half ? Will I lose size and strenght because my body is used to much work ?