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Volume after Anti-BB?

What sort of volume is good to follow after anti-hypertrophy bodybuilding? I have just completed a six week cycle of the program (switching volume/movement planes). Would something like an 8x3/3x8 be alright or is it too close to the 10x3,4,5 and 5x10? Any other ideas?

After the ABBH, an ideal routine utilizes 5 x 5.

Perform two upper and two lower body workouts each week. Perform one exercise per muscle group and be sure to utilize different exercises for the same muscle group on the second workout of the week. For example, on Monday perform back squats for 5 x 5; on Thursday perform front squats with 5 x 5.

Snippdawg, thanks for asking that question. I did the same thing you did, running two cycles of ABBH and swtiching/flip-flopping the set/rep schemes on the exercises, and I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do next.

Thanks, too, Chad, for continuing to support your programs (and us) on the forum. Any new articles coming out? (crossing fingers)