Volleyball Knee Injury, Still Okay for Oly Lifts?

Hey guys, I’m new to this forum.

I am a volleyball player and beginning Olympic lifter after a period of general strength training.

My current strength level: 1RM ATG HBBS of 180kg, clean and jerk 120kg, 5RMpress 82kg.
My weight: 72kg.

What happened: I went to spike a ball, but rolled my left ankle slightly on the take off. I still somehow managed to get the spike off and win the point. But because I was distracted by the pain and not wanting to land on my left foot, I did something worse. I landed on my right foot with the knee rather extended. Immediately I felt a pain on the posteromedial side of the right knee and it radiated one quarter of the way up my calf and hamstring.

Most of the pain went away after 15 minutes. There is absolutely no redness or swelling anywhere. Right now, the posteromedial side of the knee is slightly sore, but more so if I try to flex and extend my knee, particularly with my foot externally rotated. Walking and running are painless, even sprinting. I can perform a full bodyweight squat with zero discomfort. Climbing stairs is, for some reason, unpleasant. I don’t think it’s a hamstring strain or tendinitis, because there is absolutely zero swelling, redness or warmth. The soreness is localised mainly in the posteromedial part of the knee and sometimes radiates a little bit into the calf.

Anyone have any ideas what this is? And is it still okay to do the Oly lifts in the meantime?

Thanks so much

My best guess is a meniscus injury. Maybe a bruise or a very small tear of the meniscus.

Fuck. Guess I’m gonna have to see my doctor.

The only thing a doctor could do for you would be to do surgery on the knee and cut the torn part off if it is a big enough tear. Since you are having no swelling, I highly doubt there is a significant tear. You just have to wait for it to heal on its own. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, just don’t ignore the pain.