Voids Log

Blah blah blah log. enough said. I just wanna track my workouts. 15yrs old, 146-50 at the moment.

I can finally do lower body again, my knee is good enough. First lower lift in a month or two.

1x10 135lb DL
1x10 175lb DL
1x10 225lb DL
then dear old dad said ‘4 more sets’
2x10 225lb DL
1x10 175lb DL
1x10 135lb DL
squat time on the v-squat machine(free woulda killed me.), dad says ‘only do 5x3!’
5x3 225lb Squat
then 3 hours of jiu-jitsu. :slight_smile: my knee was hurting by the end, but its fine. later found out dad was kidding about the 4 more sets! how funny…

still whiped from tuesday, so dad says ‘dont worry, this one wont leave you so tired, its 10x10 upperbody’

HSPL Flat bench
4x10 35lbs
4x10 25lbs
2x10 15lbs

5x10 25lbs
5x10 15lbs

HSPL incline (someone asked to set in on my second set, so i switched)
2x10 25lbs
2x10 15lbs
6x10 10lbs(not the most ego-stroking workout)

HSPL decline (i went to this after the first 2 sets of inclines)
10x10 25lbs

3 hours of jiu jitsu

been busy, dont remember the days. this is just quick, so no chatter.
HS flat bench
HS incline
At that point i felt terrible, no motivation that day, all my strength sapped, sniffly nose, all that jazz.
Monday Aug 1st
late night
10x10 pushups
10x10 crunches
No equipment, so thats it. Felt really weak still.
Friday night aug 5-6th
1:30 to 2:00 AM still up, wanted a quick lift so i dont feel pathetic.
4x25x15lbs curls
4x25x15lbs flat bench
thats it.

Excellent Man!
It’s a long game.

Been busy with school, so i didnt keep track of a few lifts, im on MWF home stuff now.
5x5 dips
3x10 DB press (70lb total)
3x10 Flat row (55lbs)
3x10 shrugs (110lb total)
3x10 seated db curls (35lb)
punishment set of 5 on left arm
3x5 ab wheel
New upperbody program i think!!!


Quick lift after i got home form school
10x10x125 deadlift
10x10x110 shrugs

Monday lift
3x10x35 french press
3x10x65 barbell overhead press
3x10x55 DB 1 arm row
3x10x125 barbell bench
10x10x110 shrugs

Weak lifts recently. If I keep moderately lifting while i gain a bit of weight, weights should be better. 2 months til wrestling season! after that i think im gonna do track this year, and football next year.