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Voice Depth in Relation to Testosterone Levels


I hope you’re all well.

I am not on TRT but I’ve noticed that my voice changes depending on my testosterone and/or other androgen levels. On the days that I feel my best, and get very strong morning wood and wake up easily in the morning, whenever I speak, I feel strong chest resonance. I can feel my words vibrate in my chest when speaking. There is a deep bass reverberance.

When I don’t feel that I am optimal hormonally, my words only resonate in my nasal and throat area. I am not imagining this and have even recorded my voice at these different situations and there is a very audible difference. The best example I can give is how your voice sounds after a very strenuous workout or if you’ve inhaled dust. The voice loses the bassier vibration and sounds more nasally and lacks power.

I do know that testosterone has a significant role in laryngeal muscle strength and size. Lower levels of testosterone could cause a weakening and shrinking of these laryngeal muscles per chance. Also, higher testosterone usually means lower cortisol which could cause the vocal apparatus to be more relaxed.

There was another user on a different hormone optimization forum who also experiences this vocal change.

I can’t be the only one who has noticed a deeper and bassier voice.

Please do share your thoughts and experiences as personally for me this is a clear sign that my hormone levels are optimal.

UPDATE: Here’s an article which is on the T-Nation website regarding low testosterone and diminished laryngeal muscle strength and size. This article is actually from a TRT clinic website.

UPDATE: Please note a moderator previously added the word “daily” to my subject title. Quite unhelpful and it’s caused confusion here. I have changed this. So please note I am not saying anything about “DAILY CHANGES”.

Its all in your head bro. Your vocal cords are set after puberty. Unless you’re female there is going to be no change in physical structure just how you are either hearing it or actually changing your own tone.


Call me skeptical on this one too.

I appreciate your opinion bro. Whilst it is true that the vocal chords are usually set after puberty, the muscles which surround the larynx called the laryngeal muscles can lose size and strength if a persons testosterone levels lower significantly. This reduction of size and strength of the laryngeal muscles can cause the voice to be higher, weaker and lack stability. I don’t believe anything happens to the length of the larynx but I do believe the musculature of the larynx can diminish in size/strength and of course the larynx is very sensitive to androgens, so it makes sense.

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While some of this could occur, it would not be over night as you are saying. Possible over say a year if a dude got an injury to the testicles or something. It would probably be so little it would not be perceptible.


Does this apply to you? You’ve mentioned your voice changes based on symptoms, but have you gotten lab work to back up your claims?

For the record, I think what you’re experiencing is all in your head. Fluid levels in your ears can influence how your voice sounds, for example

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You’re not losing muscles on days testosterone is low and gaining muscle on days when it’s high, so it’s difficult to believe that your voice changes on days you’re feeling better.

I think you’re imaging things.

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I am definitely not imagining this. I’ve even recorded these vocal changes and there is a very noticeable difference. It is deeper and bassier. I even know where my voice resonates depending on my hormonal state as mentioned on the thread.

Whilst the laryngeal muscle may not atrophy that quickly the strength and dynamics of these muscles could change depending on androgen levels leading to a tighter or more relaxed larynx. That is not far fetched.

Lol at this thread.


Have you yourself investigated and done any research to disprove me? No. There is an article which states declining testosterone levels can cause laryngeal muscle strength and size to diminish. The name of the article is “Low Testosterone and Old Man voice”. Also, testosterone levels can affect cortisol. Higher testosterone = lower cortisol = more relaxed larynx and neck muscles.

I posted the link to it but a moderator removed the link to the external website which has this article.

Frankly, people on this board need to be open minded instead of saying “this is impossible” or “lol no it’s in your head”.

I know what you mean by the changes in the voice. My voice is also not the same everyday. Sometimes it ressonates deeper.
But, I can´t possibily correlate it to my T levels, as I dont have lab evidence to support it.

However, I´ve heard guys in the gym which i knew were on cycle and for some of them there as an interesting change in the voice tone which was deeper.

I am open to it happening, just not over night. Daily testosterone fluctuations don’t cause muscle mass fluctuations. Even if I pinned grams of test, that day my muscle mass would stay roughly the same.

Old man voice indicates that it took years with lower testosterone to have a voice change.

You may very well have voice changes, but you are jumping to conclusions that it is due to fluctuations in Testosterone levels.


Yes I have.

Thanks for your insight.

No… its in your head.


You do not imagine it, ofcourse. People here dont know what they are talking about.

Same is when u dont ejaculate for like 2 weeks, ur voice gets deeper, other people notice immidately.

Most people are very very ignorant and uneducated.

Who in their right mind would engage in this self inflicted misery!

I would make a strong wager he’s not going from James Taylor to James Earl Jones on a daily basis from any physical structure change to his vocal anatomy caused by TRT.


It’s not that we aren’t open minded, but I am not going to buy that your voice is changing on a daily basis when T is higher.

You have NO labs to support anything, you are just going based off a feeling, hence why I’m are saying it’s in your head.

Don’t underestimate the power of the mind.

Are you being serious? Can you provide any study to prove that keeping the pipes backed up causes voice deepening?

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The moderator changed my thread title and added the word daily to it. I didn’t put that there. There have been times when my voice is much deeper and I’ve even recorded it and there is a very audible change, so it is NOT in my head or any feeling. I even know where it resonates based on if I get strong morning wood and whether I am able to wake up easily in the morning. I am well versed with the signs that track along with these voice changes. The vocal chords are extremely sensitive to androgens. Lowered levels can cause the laryngeal muscles to lose size and strength causing a “tightening” of the vocal chords.

There is a long scientific book on Google books which proves the impact of androgens on the male voice even past maturity but the moderator does not allow external links. The laryngeal muscle are small muscles and if testosterone levels are not at the correct physiological range for your individual self, the dynamics of these small muscles can change causing a higher and less powerful voice.