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Vogelpohl Squats 1180


Today at the Lexen Pro/Elite Coaltion meet in Columbus, Ohio.


Video isnt working for me, but that's a fucking strong squat.



Embarrassing depth.





I want to see the side judges viewpoint before casting doubt. They passed it, so I will give Chuck the benefit of the doubt for now.


There are way worse squats out there to complain about depth on.For an 1180 squat, that's pretty damn legit. Chuck is a legend.


Just because there is a lot of weight on the bar doesn't mean you get to squat high. That said, depth is very hard to judge from that front, looking up angle.


Sick Squat!!! I heard he missed 1205 on his 4th attempt, I can't wait to see him squat 1200+


haha I always find it comical that the guys that hate on squats, usually are no name lifters who will never achieve and elite total in any federation.


Agreed, which is why I want another angle. As it stands, the side judges passed the lift, so till I see otherwise, Chuck did it and dammit its impressive.


I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


All hail the King!


lol @ raw and USAPL lifters bitching about something that doesn't affect them in any way.

Chuck's a beast. And it looks like Danny Dague put on another good show.


There is a new interweb rule: judging depth from a front-view taken video and calling it high makes you ghey. Double ghey if you have never competed multi-ply. There, new rule in the books. live by it.




So it is written, so shall it be done.


You can tell on some lifts if they're high from the front, just not this one. And yes, I've competed double-ply, single-ply and raw.


You absolutely need a side angle to judge this . I was a national referee when the adfpa just started for point of reference.

A few years back I saw Angelo Berdandnelli,sp, squat about 800 lbs. I watched from the side fifteen ft away on my hands and knees and he broke parallel.

From the video from the front it looked at least four inches high .